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I'm not dead yet! I've just been on the farm!

Its been... wow a few months since my last review/contribution to CDX and its been with good reason. Farm story time:

The Spring season's been a tale of tragedy and triumph that started with the Winter. We lost our Sire bull to a broken leg, but were blessed with the birth of his replacement, a perfect three way cross of our cattle bloodlines: Pinzgauer, Gelbveih, and Angus. After that it has been one thing to another. We've had to intervene on a couple of cows. One was an 18 month old mother, #103, Columbia (named for her birth date of Columbus day) delivering her first calf after she was bred exactly at 9 months of age. We had put her and her calf into isolation to ensure that she and the calf (now tagged #112, Clover) would be fine. The good news is they are perfectly healthy and quite domesticated now, alot more so than the one we had locked away before (see previous farm journal).

April was our tragic victory. Ruby, #35 of our catalog, and one of our first cows ever (from 1994), gave birth to a calf (now tagged #114, Pearl) and cared for her to the best of her ability before she died five days later. It was an interesting experience to say the least. Despite their microscale brains, cows are smart. Ruby had a number of tendencies to have calves in secluded areas to avoid being disturbed, this time she had the calf in the middle of the field for all the world to see. On the second day, I had to rescue the calf from herself after she walked into the barbed wire fence and Ruby didn't charge me (she had a streak of being extremely protective). It was on the third day that Ruby couldn't take care of the calf herself anymore and we had to take the calf under our care. At this time Ruby had isolated herself in her final resting place. Since then I have been bottle raising this calf myself, and its an experience of a lifetime I'm sure the true parents of CDX can appreciate. I've also got some extra help from Columbia, whose isolation has made her into a perfect surrogate mother. I still give Pearl a ration of milk replacer, but Columbia and Clover give Pearl the company to build her herding instincts and also the nutrition boost she needs. Now if only there was a way to teach her not to slam her forehead into the back of my knees.

Beyond that, the Summer is upon us and I am out on the hayfield. We just made our first cut, and are in the middle of prepping the field for its next cut while waiting for the window to cut the next sections of the field. With sunlight hours until 8:30 PM, all I need is a cooler bag filled with Gatorade and water and the wind in my hair and the power of twin drum mower behind me. Rake 'n Rule!

Though at some point I will have to take a break and get off of the tractor and feed the cows. Never a dull moment.

Posted 12 June, 2010 - 08:20 by Gunpla Rob


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You need to start naming the

You need to start naming the cows after giant robots. Seriously.

CollectionDX Admin

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Posted by JoshB on 13 June, 2010 - 20:27

I've taken a strategy of naming them based on characteristics, like Pearl's name comes from her mother's 'lineage' of precious stones and her birth feature of pearlescent white hooves, and Clover because she slept in a patch of clover plants. There was one instance last season where I named the 13th calf that was born that time "Fallen" because of its proximity to Transformers 2's release date (and from the comic reference of the 13 original Primes).

Though I'm sure I'll find a way!
The Gundam Model Guy

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Posted by Gunpla Rob on 14 June, 2010 - 06:43