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Perfect Grade 00 Raiser Photo Journal 6

Head, Shoulders and Points for Remolding

The parts frame for building this particular section of the model is clearly labeled "Perfect Grade GN-Frame" rather than the name of the current model. Early expectations would say this skeleton could be reused to make the Exia Gundam, but there is a movie coming up with another suit to consider.

The torso assembly of the 00-Gundam is built around a central cavity, where all of the internal blocking builds up around it. However all of the primary articulation in the torso is built into the central ring.

The Gundam's head uses a preassembled LED module to provide for the light up gimmick, and Bandai was gratious enough to include the necessary batteries. LR41s, expensive sold seperately, cheaper by the dozen.

Posted 30 December, 2009 - 20:57 by Gunpla Rob