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This has nothing to do with action figure collecting,but some of you around my age may remember when collecting comics was hot. Well,I just received copies of Youngblood 0 and 1,and even though they're basically worthless now (1 dollar each) it's still pretty novel to own them. I read both of them in about 15 minutes combined,and they are just as terrible as you remember. I cannot believe this stuff was ever XTREME and cool. I've been reading comics my whole life yet there are parts where I can't readily figure out what order the narration boxes or word bubbles are supposed to be read in. The funniest part is trying to tell my wife these used to be behind glass at the comic shop for like a hundred bucks each.

If you have any interest in this stuff at all I highly recomend you buy some issues. I got mine from for about a buck apiece. It took awhile to get here,but shipping was free so no complaints. I got a couple issues of WildCATs too (which actually looks like a fairly decent read) also for about a buck each.

Posted 23 December, 2010 - 23:34 by kidnicky