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Some of you probably saw the blurry pictures of the poster and toys yesterday,but now there's an officially released jpg of the Thundercats from their brand new show,and it looks AWESOME!!!! Originally I was worried it would tank like the He-Man remake,but this looks a million times better,and on the marketing side Bandai doesn't make the strange counter-intuitive descisions Mattel does.

A couple of the people involved with this are from the DC direct to DVD animated movies (of which I highly reccomend
Green Lantern:First Flight and Superman/Batman:Apocalypse) which have been great lately,and Batman The Brave and the Bold,which I know a lot of people initially didn't like do to the oldschool design,but IMO has had some quality stories and has been a great adaptation of the comic.

Rumor has it SNARF WILL NOT TALK so cross your fingers and hopefully it's true. I think we can all agree it would be the best remake. ever. if that turns out to be correct!

I know the usual critics online have been less than kind about the redesign,but I'm a pretty big fan,so if you haven't seen it:

Here's the leaked pics,too.

Posted 26 January, 2011 - 11:22 by kidnicky