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Materials Clean Up

When you have a lot of writers, you get a lot of different people calling the same thing by different terms, or even confusing what terms are in what category. In order to bring some order to the chaos, I have made changes to the Materials taxonomy that should clear things up.

  1. The Materials taxonomy is for Materials only, not methods. PVC, ABS are materials, Rotocasting and Vacu-formed are methods. Methods should not be materials and have been removed. If we have enough of an item where it's manufacturing method is a category into itself, we may create a category or fetish for it. The exception to this is Diecast, which is both a method, and a material.
  2. Where applicable, use the abbreviation instead of the proper name. This means use ABS instead of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.
  3. Come to find out vinyl is not really a material, but several materials are vinyls. I have removed Vinyl as a material and instead we should use the types of vinyl, such as PVC and Soft Vinyl.
  4. If a type of plastic is unknown, just choose "Plastic"

Hope this helps clear things up. For more information, take a look at our Materials Page.

Posted 24 November, 2015 - 15:28 by JoshB