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First off, a whole hearted shout out to the Stormbearers, and a sincere hope you guys haven't resorted to cannibalism yet or using the alcohol as a fire excellerent. I'm just kidding, storm seasons haven't been fair to everyone this past year between the tropical storms that wrecked us and the snow storms up there, the sooner the 2008 weather season (year) is over, the better. We're in a last ditch heat wave right now; 78 degrees after three weeks of 52, 52, and 48.

Coming up on the holidays, I want to say thank you to Josh and Dan for the unexpected, but much appreciated, holiday card. I say that because I'll be celebrating Hanukkah before X-Mas, and I'm too politically correct until after my third cup of coffee in the morning. None the less, the card was a great addition to the collection of Holiday countertop stuffers. Its currently sitting next to the Magic Eightball and Hanukkiah (the menorah) on the mantle.

Posted 17 December, 2008 - 10:01 by Gunpla Rob

Greetings true believers and visitors, to the first blog by the AWOL Gundam Guy. At this time I would like to formally apologize for my disappearance from CDX after my last reviews and commentary from the podcasts promising reviews of other Gundams. Truth be told I did beging writing reviews, but some computer errors on my part lost what I was writing and on the model front I have been lacking in the proverbial things to write about in general. When I talk about my hobby to some of my local readers, I tell them that the closest hobby shop is a UPS truck and four shipping days away. Now some of you may have been wondering, Where have I been? To that I suppose a little exposition is on order.

Amidst the not so chaotic days, I have been preoccupied with the daily operations and management of my family's farm in Hahira, GA. For those looking on Google Maps, Hahira is that little spec in the northern edge of the boot shaped Lowndes County. Sports fans will know that Lowndes County was awarded "TITLE TOWN" for the past year, and unfortunately Valdosta's let its fame go to its head. Now if only that fame would let us get a real anime/hobby store.

Posted 20 November, 2008 - 11:03 by Gunpla Rob
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