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SDCC07: Mattel


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Wow! I'm definitely more of


I'm definitely more of a Marvel fan than I am of DC, but I do love Batman. Those figures are awesome. With the literal shrinking of the Spider-Man figures, I am definitely looking forward to these.


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Posted by Heavyarms on 15 August, 2007 - 15:52

I'd *always* been a Marvel fan growing up. I never read any DC titles regularly, but I did pick up the odd Batman book or two (Dark Knight Returns and whatnot). Those figures seriously look killer--much better than Hasbro's Marvel Legends Icons. Hopefully, they'll turn out to be robust toys, not just fancy display pieces!


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Posted by Sanjeev on 17 August, 2007 - 17:57

sooo wait will they stop the toy making of avatar after the release of the fire series? or before? because my niece has been waiting for a katara action figure for like ever.

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Posted by kir13 on 23 August, 2007 - 11:15