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Power Toku Show DX Episode 4 - All hail "Ulti-Man"


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I would pretty much like to hear your 'ranting' on the origins of tokusatsu :;)

Speaking of which...Ultraman's time limit in Ultra form is three minutes, not thirty. ;) Anyway I totally agree on Ultraman, it is a must see. The show practically set the basics for all modern tokusatsu shows...the whole 'monster of the week' concept originated's a milestone not only in tokusatsu, but in television history as well.

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Posted by DynamicDynamic on 4 April, 2014 - 07:19
I totally spaced during that

I totally spaced during that segment! I'll blame it on the cold medicine! ;D

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Posted by Jmann on 4 April, 2014 - 11:51