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Tomy started the micro RC craze with Bit Char-G vehicles (Microsizers here in the US) and is now using that technology to make battling robots! Our visit to Tomy was one of the most physical out of all our visits. Within minutes, Tomy had Josh and I battling each other. But instead of ruining out beautiful faces with our bare fists, we went at it will radio controlled battling robots called Battleborg. The Tomy rep showed us a quick demonstration on how to use these robots. Within minutes we were brawling!

These robots use controllers similar to how you would use the Wii controllers with both hands. Each punch motion of your hand makes the robot punch with the same hand. You would think that punching like crazy would get you good results, but the truth is, you have to plan your punches because the thrusting motion of the robots arm also controls it's ability to move forward. If you send all right handed punches, the robot turns left. All left handed punches sends the robot to the right. So in order to go straight, you need to alternate between left and right. Each punch moves the figure about half an inch if you're lucky. As you can probably guess, it's very physical. Josh and I were practically sweating after a minute.

The sets consist of fighting rings where the robots do battle. Up to 20 robots can join in on the fun through the use of 2.4Ghz controllers. Once you land 5 punches to the face of the other robot, the robot stops functioning and needs to be reset. An LED keeps the robot's status in check.

The ropes on the ring can be configured for beginners so they can learn how to maneuver the robot.

There are many robots available in many colors.

There is even a gold chase figure. About 5000 of these will be scattered among the cases.

The sets come with cardboard dummies if another fighter is not available or for practice.

The robots have built-in rechargeable batteries. When juice runs out, hook it up to the controller to charge.

Like most of their stuff, these toys got their start in Japan.

Here is the packaging planned for US


Tomy is continuing their successful run of high-quality Tomica products here in the US. While they had a slow start due to low sales and expensive playsets, they seemed to have found their groove and are introducing some great sets. Hypercity is one of those things they are really working on this year. Many new sets are coming out, most of which were only available in Japan. Looking around their showroom proved that more of the cool, Japanese style vehicle sets are going to be coming our way.


Pokemon remains strong this year with a few new things to capture young children's imagination. We asked if they plan on making anything collectible worthy but they reinforced that they only make toys for children. Nevertheless there were many things Pokemon fans could get their hands on. From plushes to small PVC figures that interact with playsets.

This arena allows you to place a Pokemon on either end to battle a friend. Simply place the figure on the adjustable stand and place a game card on the slot and battle away.


Also shown were prototypes of motorized kits.


Even vinyls were shown.
Check out the full Tomy Gallery

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Hey Josh &

Hey Josh & Chachipower,

ToysRus now has the Tomy BattleBorg boxing robots on clearance!

$10 (was $40) for the single robots with controller and $30 (was $80) from the 2 pack with the boxing ring!

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Posted by netkid on 1 January, 2015 - 01:41