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NYTF2013: Think Geek

Think Geek

You may know ThinkGeek as your one-stop shop for all things nerdy, but did you know that they actually manufacture a fair amount of the product themselves? They were at Toy Fair this year, showing off some of their goods.

Portal Desk Turret

Wave your hand in front and the portal turret comes to life!


USB Squirming Tentacles

These were super-creepy and super awesome.



Massive Titan Cosplay Sword

This thing was awesome, with light-up LED and foam construction. It was surprisingly light but made me feel like a badass. (or as much as one can be at Toy Fair).


Giant Foam Minecraft Creeper

I don't play Minecraft, but my kids do, and I've developed an affinity for the Creeper. ThinkGeek made a giant, 2 foot tall foam creeper that has articulated head and legs. It's Jumbo Sized!


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Posted 17 February, 2013 - 16:52 by JoshB