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NYTF2013: Tamashii Nations / Bluefin

Tamashii Nations / Bluefin

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We always love to stop by Tamashii Nations to see what's up. While this time we didn't see much in the way of new things, we still managed to be wowed by the endless servings of robot visuals. What we didn't find in the way of new releases we got in news of upcoming releases. Most of which were hush-hush but exciting nonetheless. We inquired about the Soul of Chogokin Danguard Ace which unfortunately was not available to be shown. We were surprised to learn that the Tamashii rep likens it to the size of Daioja or Daltanious. We will need to stay tuned for that since previous prototypes do point towards a smallish figure.


The beautiful and impressive 12PM Chogokin 1/6 scale C-3PO was proudly displayed in its production form. The gold finish is a little more saturated than the previously seen prototype display. We got to toy around with it a bit and as expensive as it is, it's well deserved. Bringing this to market was tough but it's out. The much needed R2D2 companion relies on the success of this C-3PO.

If the heft and detail of it's diecast frame and panels aren't enough to make your wallet open, then the incredible wire detail on the waist should be enough to push you over the edge to do so. These are real wires, not painted-on detail!

If you're a Tiger & Bunny fan, 12PM has a striking 1/6 scale Wild Tiger. While not carrying any diecast like his Chogokin line brother, it is comprised of some very sharply molded plastics with varying textures and finishes. The LED is simply well done throughout the body of Wild Tiger. The legs, arms, and head light up with bright LEDs. One of the other great features of the kit is it's completely articulated hands. There no cheating here folks, each finger is articulated at every joint. It even includes parts to do his Tiger Shot.


While Chogokin releases are few and far between, one item did catch our eye. Even though there was a sign stating that no pictures be taken, we were fortunate enough to be able to grab some shots of this upcoming controversial Chogokin. The Disney Combiner Team Set. I'll be honest, this seemed like a silly idea but it's caused quite a stir. Many people have been converted and are shelling out money for the preorder. This was a prototype piece shown. Production samples should start popping up soon.

Super Robot Chogokin is alive and kicking. We got to see a couple of cool figures like this Gurren Lagann and Gunbuster.

We also got to see Saber from the standard Chogokin line.

While there was literally insane amounts of Gundams to be shown, this one has some diecast and looks great.

While the Mazinger DX has only just begun to hit the home of the patient people that preordered, we are now focusing our sights on this must-have piece of equipment. The Scrander set. It appears the sample on display is a prototype, but it looks great regardless. Start saving those pennies!

Here are some samplings of everything we saw during our visit:


The popular D-Arts line gets some new figures and some re-releases.

Model Kits




Robot Spirits

S.H. Figuarts
Look for Power Rangers branding on US bound releases.


S.H. MonsterArts
It's official, King Kong will be released!


Sailor Moon fans rejoice!



Think you've seen it all? Guess again. Check out the full gallery!

Have you made it this far? Good. Because we saw some things we can't tell you about.

  • Bandai is just waiting on a signature from a license holder and they will be good to go with a future SOC release for 2014. The tooling is already done and Bandai's been waiting to pull the trigger. Fans both in Japan and US will be excited when this is announced.
  • We were showed three SUPER TOP SECRET prototypes of upcoming POTENTIAL S.H. MonsterArts releases. These were in their very early stages, but if they happen, they will be very cool. One may be marketed as CHOGOKIN as well.
  • With the Dollar to Yen recovering, expect price adjustments for future releases
  • The likelyhood of a 12PM R2-D2 entirely depends on the success of the C-3PO.
  • No D-Arts Digimon Pokemon for the US

Posted 16 February, 2013 - 20:34 by chachipower