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Episode 97 - I've got new kidneys


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The ugly Gigan

Gigan from Final Wars is so ugly. I like the Showa Gigan in appearance so much more but the clencher is that I love that youtube channel monsterislandbuddies. "you guys?"

I also got 18" Gypsy Danger. It is OK but has already started falling apart. Where the shoulder armour connects the glue gave way and all the rachets are rapidly wearing smooth.

Here is a question for next weeks show:
You have given a lot of positive coverage to Dr Who lately. Do you feel that the Doctor has become too central to the stories. He has been turning into a Universe wide famous guy, in the old days he was just this guy who would drop in and set things right. The Doctor always had a quiet confidence and the smarts to fix things but now he seems not so quiet. Would you like to see his character toned down a bit in coming series.

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