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Episode 84 - The apologists come out


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A toaster must be toatsed

A toaster must be toatsed

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Posted by mrtrainfreak12 on 26 August, 2013 - 07:20
So late to the party.

So, this was the first episode I listened to.
Despite reading this site for roughly the lifespan of an elementary schooler, video content/podcasts weren't anything I was really interested in, and definitely not one of the reasons that I come to the site for.

Being able to meet Josh and Adam for the first time at the summit this weekend (in fact, of all the people there, Josh was about the only person whose face I would have recognized beforehand) and learning that yes, these guys are super enjoyable to talk to, kind of changed my position on that, and out of curiosity I fired up this episode.

It's,'s really good. I'm hooked. So, I guess I'll be watching from now on, and I guess I have a pretty large backlog to get through.

Now that the gushing part is over, here are a couple thoughts on this episode:

-The T-REX collaboration is really interesting to me, especially since Sen-Ti-Nel is really promoting it, branding that collaboration as a label separate from their RIOBOT stuff*. Traditionally it seemed that Japanese corporate culture is one that goes to great lengths to lock up its talent (and I think that's still generally true). Since it's been independent since its formation in 2008, T-REX strikes me as really unique. Also, I just noticed that all of T-REX's founding members are ex-PLEX.

-Gorg's cockpit is in his chest, but Gorg is basically kind of sentient to begin with, so the series protagonist spends most of his time riding around on top of Gorg's head instead. Plus, the remains of Gorg's former pilot were left in the cockpit for a really, really long time.
Anyway, it still strikes me as a really weird omission. Gorg doesn't have a lot of moving parts to begin with, and even the cheapy 1:100 Gorg toy had the feature. It's also a super simple gimmick to replicate, as it's basically just a hinged door. There's still a chance they'll show off more gimmicks later, but as pre-orders are already open and the price tag is so large, it seems like that would be a pretty small chance. Also looking at the pictures again, it looks like the seam on the cockpit door is just part of the sculpt.

*I thought at first that the RIOBOT line might share a common designer, which then turned into 'What the heck does RIOBOT mean?'. Like many things Japanese, it's apparently a pun. From the Union Creative twitter account: "RIOBOT= Robot with love put into it" (love=愛=ai=I). That doesn't give me any hints to what the heck RIO:bone is supposed to mean though...

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Posted by SpaceRunaway on 26 August, 2013 - 12:33