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CollectionDX Episode 11 - Dizzy Like A Little Girl


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agree with adam

I liked series after season one, enjoyed it, only sour taste was horrible last show....weird "holodeck" show and all the actors acted strange because they were told while filming they were canceled and that they were going to kill Trip in a weird way.

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Posted by AJProDie-Cast on 4 November, 2011 - 19:15
This isn't spam. It totally

This isn't spam. It totally fits in.

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Posted by Jmann on 4 November, 2011 - 19:19
FYI, only the Zeorymer manga

FYI, only the Zeorymer manga had rape (A LOT), the anime barely has any hit of it.

Anime ver.>Manga ver.

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Posted by VZMK2 on 4 November, 2011 - 20:55
The Zeorymer manga has all

The Zeorymer manga has all the cunnilingus rape. It was done by the guy who normally does the Guyver. He wanted to take a break from Guyver apparently. The manga Zeorymer is pretty much a robo-Guyver in terms of design. The four episode OVA is pretty tame as far as the sex goes. It was directed by the guy who did Iczer-1 with all them space lesbians. CPM put it out on two DVDs and it's hella cheap.

Hey I have that troop transport, do you want it?

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Posted by VF5SS on 4 November, 2011 - 20:55
Ahh yes the inevitable

Ahh yes the inevitable childhood toy purge. Sadly for me it wasn't my parents or even myself that decided it was time to get rid of my toys.

Nope, It was Mother Nature. When I was 13 my house was hit with a massive flood, and I lost most of my toys. I saved my Hot Wheels collection, which I still have to this day, but all my He-Man, Mask and transformers were lost to the water.
Along with my Atari 2600. Ah that was a sad day.

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Posted by overcracker on 5 November, 2011 - 18:13
As someone who watched Star

As someone who watched Star Trek Voyager every week on UPN, I don't necessarily disagree with Josh's assertion that it was trying to be Trek operating outside its comfort zone. However the show is really only about 30% like that with most episodes trotting out the familiar Trek cliches and trite storytelling. They couldn't even keep the tension between the Federation and Maquis crew members for more than an episode here or there. I don't blame the actors so much because interview with Garrett Wang (Harry "Mighty Oak" Kim) revealed that producer Rick Berman went off the deep end and demanded all the actors keep their emotions in check to make the aliens seem more alien. Kate Mulgrew had the most retakes because of this fact.

but hey Robert Picardo <3 <3 <3

Also the show did have its fair share of Klingon, Romulan, and even Ferengi antics. Not to mention the Borg becoming the main villain towards the end. A move which only seemed to make the Borg less threatening as time wore on.

Funny Adam should mention the theme song to Enterprise because somebody swapped in the theme to Perfect Strangers and it actually fit the whole sequence better.

I also watched Enterprise when it took over Voyager's time slot. I have heard it gets much better in Season 3, the show repeatedly shot itself in the foot for the first two seasons. For a series where almost every mission should have the gravity and weighty issues of going to the moon for the first time, the Enterprise came across as a bunch of tourists in a bus. Not to mention episodes where hillbilly engineer gets alien knocked up and others where Neelix the Doctor and Scott Bakula agree to genocide just to make a passing reference to the need for a prime directive :v

Then there was A Night in Sickbay with famously had very high ratings while also driving everyone away because the viewership plummeted next week.

And Star Trek 10 was sooooooooooooooooooooo bad. Picard vs. his clone teenage son.

If anything UPN didn't make me appreciate Star Trek as much as SyFylis channel's constant marathons of the original series and the good movies.

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Posted by VF5SS on 6 November, 2011 - 08:46
The Borg is the worst

The Borg is the worst metaphor ever.

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Posted by Showapop on 10 November, 2011 - 12:42
Cybermen are way cooler.

Cybermen are way cooler.

spiffier outfits too

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Posted by VF5SS on 10 November, 2011 - 17:18
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