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New Arhan Video Review: New Arhan

Angela Balzac's ride from Expelled from Paradise!

My Melody Video Review: My Melody

Reach for the moon!

Hot Rodimus Video Review: Hot Rodimus

Turbo revvin' young redo.

WeGo (Blank) Video Review: WeGo (Blank)

We take a special advanced look at the upcoming 1/12 scale larger Mechatro WeGo!

Masterpiece Ironhide Video Review: Masterpiece Ironhide

"High-tech circuitry is no replacement for guts."

VF-2SS Valkyrie II Silvie Gena Video Review: VF-2SS Valkyrie II Silvie Gena

Don't go riding in this Valkyrie.

DX Great Mazinger Video Review: DX Great Mazinger

Great Mazinger improves on the DX Mazinger in almost every way.

Iron Man Mk XXXVIII Igor Comicave Studios Video Review: Iron Man Mk XXXVIII Igor Diecast

Comicave Stuidos' Iron Man Mk XXXVIII Igor is a big, heavy mass of diecast metal and quality!

Legacy Black Megazord Video Review: Legacy Black Megazord

Did you like the Legacy Megazord? Now you can have it in sexy black.

Legacy White Tigerzord Video Review: Legacy White Tigerzord

I first reviewed the White Tigerzord eleven years ago. ELEVEN YEARS.

GX-69 Goldymarg Video Review: GX-69 Goldymarg

Is this just a fancy accessory or is it deserving of its GX designation?

GearTribe Hatsune Miku GT Project 2014 ver. Video Review: GearTribe Hatsune Miku GT Project 2014 ver.

More than leeks the eye.

Black Wing Video Review: Black Wing

From Dancouga comes Black Wing!

Metaltech Z Mazinger Video Review: Z Mazinger

Who is Z Mazinger?

Revo Star Wars X-Wing Video Review: X-Wing

Revoltech in Name Only

Tracks Video Review: Tracks

A toy as posh as Tracks's accent.

Mafex No. 006 Darth Vader Video Review: Darth Vader

Here's another contender in the Star Wars 6" scale arena.

Cherno Alpha Video Review: Cherno Alpha (18 Inch)

Cherno Alpha, now bigger! Includes HD video review!

Getter Robo Video Review: Getter Robo

Threezero continues to impress with their upcoming release of Getter Robo. Watch the HD Video Review!

Voltron Video Review: Voltron

A marked improvement from their prior jumbo release, the Toynami Voltron is a true Jumbo. HD video Review!

Sphero BB-8 Video Review: Sphero BB-8

One of the hottest toys of the year is here. Be sure to watch our HD video review of the Sphero BB-8!

Carry Video Review: Carry

Keep Calm and Rodimus Prime.

Masked Rider Agito (Shinkocchou Seihou) Video Review: Masked Rider Agito (Shinkocchu Seihou)


Rodimus Prime / Rodimus Convoy Video Review: Rodimus Prime / Rodimus Convoy

Now... light our diecast hour!

VF-27β Lucifer Valkyrie New Head Plus (General Use / Grace Use) Video Review: VF-27β Lucifer Valkyrie New Head Plus (General Use / Grace Use)

Exactly what it says on the box.