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VF-19 Custom Fire Valkyrie Video Review: VF-19 Custom Fire Valkyrie


Zamsher (Zamusha) Video Review: Zamsher (Zamusha)

I was right, they do just keep getting better and better.

DX Kaizoku Gattai Gokai-Oh & MagiDragon Video Review: DX Kaizoku Gattai Gokai-Oh & MagiDragon

Is this to be the standard for “Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger”- to use previous teams’ own mecha as upgrades?

Video review included!

Barattack (Mizawa Limited Ver.) Video Review: Barattack (Mizawa Limited Ver.)

An epic box of Magnemo love. What could go wrong?

Daltanious Video Review: Daltanious

A robot, a lion and a spaceship walk into a bar...

Conversion Tractor Video Review: Conversion Tractor

Whether you like it or not, Conversion Tractor is the future.

Shield Liger Video Review: Shield Liger

The Zoids Shield Liger is about 80% metal, and weighs in at 1.8kg – That’s about FOUR POUNDS of gokin.

Dairugger XV Video Review: Dairugger XV

Dreams do come true.

Includes HD Video Review

Dennou Chogokin Tachikoma Video Review: Dennou Chogokin Tachikoma

Even if you never plug it in, it's a great toy.

With HD Video Review

Generations Sargeant Kup Video Review: Generations Sargeant Kup

He's a cool old dude that smokes cygars.

Dragon Shiryu Video Review: Dragon Shiryu

Please join me in my Saint Cloth Myth de-virginizing...

Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet Video Review: Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet

Wonder Woman's Invisible jet is an icon amongst super hero vehicles. We've recently seen the Batmobile on CDX so it was time the Invisible Jet got it's due.

HD Video Included

Retrofire Delta Squad Megazord Video Review: Retrofire Delta Squad Megazord

Many of the problems I had with the releases from 2009 are present here as well.

Video review included!

Retrofire Jungle Pride Megazord Video Review: Retrofire Jungle Pride Megazord

This may very well be the first truly perfect Retrofire toy.

Video review included!

Knight Rider K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two Thousand) Video Review: Knight Rider K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two Thousand)

K.I.T.T., a high-tech advanced, artificially intelligent and nearly-indestructible car...of the 1980's.

T-6 Jedi Shuttle Video Review: T-6 Jedi Shuttle

Aside from not fitting all four minifigs inside at the same time, and how the bottom of the wings completely lack accurate detail, this is a fantastic and well crafted set.

Video review included!

Samurai Gattai Series 04- Ika Origami Video Review: Samurai Gattai Series 04- Ika Origami

This toy becomes part of combinations that should never have been in the first place because they don’t know what they are, why they exist, or what to do with themselves.

Video review included!

Zangeki Kanjoutou Sakanamaru Video Review: Zangeki Kanjoutou Sakanamaru

I must admit to being disheartened a bit over its lack of control with the sound effects.

Video review included!

ARC-170 Starfighter Video Review: ARC-170 Starfighter

It has been modernized a little to be clean and refined, and streamlined some bumps that the original 2005 set had.

Video review included!

Undercover Cruiser Video Review: Undercover Cruiser

Ahh, those clever Space Police and their surprise intergalactic speed traps…

Video review included!

Hailfire Droid Video Review: Hailfire Droid

Even though all you can do is roll it around and flip the laser turret down, this set is more about dominating the minifig-filled battlefield.

Video review included!

VB-6 Konig Monster SP Ver. Video Review: VB-6 Konig Monster SP Ver.

Bandai knocks it out of the park with this great DX Chogokin!

Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle Video Review: Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle

It doesn’t have the gimmicks I thought it would, but it's a nice average set, just what I needed to fill that particular gap in my LEGO collection.

Video review included!

Robot Desk Set Video Review: Robot Desk Set

Here’s an anonymous, non-licensed quasi-toy which succeeds on its own merits despite its forgettable nature.

Combat Hero Video Review: Combat Hero

Possibly the most annoying robot toy ever. This one you gotta see, with VIDEO