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Video Review: Voyager-class Decepticon Demolishor

As with Blackout from the first movie, this is a huge character who was given the Voyager-class treatment instead of the Leader-class treatment he deserved. Yeah, he’s not on-...

Video Review: Dark Legioss Pilotless Type

Darkness, what does it mean? Does it mean the true evil or more Legioss toys?

Video Review: Tetsukyojin Anime Color Version *Miyazawa Limited Model

Limited to 300 pcs, this toy has too much metal for its own good.

Video Review: Mazinger Z

The last thing you or anybody else thought they needed was yet ANOTHER Mazinger Z figure. If you have been a Japanese toy collector for any amount of time you no doubt have a few in your collection already. Mazinger is an iconic figure, setting the...

Video Review: AV-98 Ingram Unit 1 1/24

1/24 Mobile Police Patlabor (The Movie) AV-98 1st is the best Japanese toy I have had the pleasure of handling to date. HD VIDEO included.

Video Review: U.S.S. Enterprise

Though The Original Series and Star Trek: The Motion Picture designs are among my favorites, I cannot give this toy a glowing pass just because it is the first Enterprise I have ever owned. If you’re introducing your young kids...

Video Review: Mugen Calibur Miyazawa Mokei version

Beautiful Earth, I love your Caliburs.

Video Review: 1/10 Mospeada Armor Cycle VR-052T (Ley Type)

Time to review, I mean ... Ley (or is it Ray?!). Who knows, what I do know that it is more awesome goodness from Beagle and Toynami with the 2nd release in their Mospeada line. HD Video included!

Video Review: Leader-class Autobot Jetfire

Cluttered & mismanaged transformation(s), a poorly-integrated combo, bad vehicle mode, poor lighting-and-sound effects, and almost no on-screen accuracy… And yet, I have never really encountered a toy that resembled its on-screen counterpart's...

Video Review: New Getter Robo Renewal (Black Version)

I have a confession, I do not know a thing about Getter Robo and the Getter franchise but I do know a nice piece of chogokin when I handle one and the New Getter Robo Renewal (Black Version) fits the bill!

Video Review: Leader-class Autobot Optimus Prime

Voted as's 2009 Transforming Toy of the Year!

For all the improvements that this toy makes over the...

Video Review: Henshin Keitai Shodou Phone

While clearly an effort is being put forward here to have a stronger influence of Japanese culture and history involved in “Shinkenger”, this set just doesn’t do it for me.

Video review included!

Video Review: Hiden Saiseitou ShinkenMaru

It is not a bad toy per se, but it doesn’t excel beyond merely bringing back an old-school animation technique.

Video review included!

Video Review: DX Samurai Gattai Shinken-Oh

You need to look at the mecha here not just as more transformable mecha, but as folding and twisting and bending in the same way as the ancient Japanese paper craft, origami.

Video review included!

Video Review: Magnugiga and Drew

For a simplified version of the Contract Beast, I think a little more effort could have been put forward, and then I would have been full of praise. But, other than a lack of show-accurate features, I can’t really find anything outstandingly-wrong...

Video Review: Engine King Eagle Zord

Despite the simplicity and/or imitativeness of the design, I genuinely like this toy, and can’t find any major flaws to complain about!

Video review included!

Video Review: Chrome Prowler Tiger Zord

What- a toy from Power Rangers that doesn’t appear on-screen? Unheard of! Heresy! /sarcasm

Video review included!

Video Review: Voyager-class Autobot Tread Bolt

For a repaint, it’s not that great. No special or unique details beyond the original Jetfire mold. But, those same molds are still awesome.

Multi-video review included!

Video Review: Voyager-class Decepticon Blitzwing

While a total pain to work with and a ripe candidate for being doused in gasoline, I can’t say I wanna sell this set just yet… but I’m considering it.

Video review included!

Video Review: Leader-class Autobot Ultra Magnus

"Stand your ground, Autobots!"

Video review included!

Video Review: Breakaway

Changes from awesome jet to adorable robot and back.

Video Review: YF-19 Fold Booster & Fast Pack

The Fold Booster & Fast Pack set completes the Yamato 1/60 YF-19

HD Video review included!

Video Review: EVA-01 Entry Plug

Even though this display set is being released under the “Rebuild of Evangelion” banner in 2009, it is more-or-less identical to the one seen in the earlier TV series & sequel films.

Video review included!

Video Review: EVA-00 Entry Plug

The exterior of Unit-00’s Entry Plug in the “Rebuild of Evangelion” movies is slightly different from how it appears in the earlier TV series & sequel movies, though its functions & interior remain the same.


Video Review: Engine Gattai Series #9- Engine Jumbwhale

Like most of the other Engines, this one looks best when not combined in any way, though I think the Jet Mode is a little awkward even if a good idea, and throws that off a little. It’s a very reasonable design and is one of my favorites from the...