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Kane Video Review: Kane

Kane is executive officer of the Nostromo and is played by actor John Hurt.

Dallas Video Review: Dallas

Dallas was the captain of the ship Nostromo and portrayed by actor Tom Skerrit.

Ash Video Review: Ash

Ash is the Nostromo’s science officer, who happens to also be an android.

Alien Video Review: Alien

It is the most “pure” vision of the Alien as designed by Giger.

Daft Punk Video Review: Daft Punk

Put these on your Christmas wish list, you might get lucky.

s.h. figuarts pink ranger mmpr Video Review: Pink Ranger (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Nice stereo!

General Franky Video Review: General Franky

Soul of Chogokin General Franky is the sleeper hit of the year.

figuarts white ranger Video Review: White Ranger (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)


Godzilla 1964 Video Review: Godzilla 1964

A classic kaiju enters the MonsterArts line.

Masterpiece Prowl Video Review: Masterpiece Prowl

The Masterpiece series cruises onward with the slickest cop car around.

Jian Ji-10 / J-10 Video Review: Jian Ji-10 / J-10

The J-10 is here to show everyone that China is strong!

Danguard A Video Review: Danguard A

After a long wait, one of the obvious omissions to the Soul of Chogokin line finally becomes a reality.

figuarts armored red ranger Video Review: Armored Red Ranger (MMPR)


Blodia Video Review: Blodia

Blodia wins this match as the first RIOBOT figure made with a hefty helping of diecast metal.

Type-94 Shiranui Gun Sweeper / Gun Interceptor Video Review: Type-94 Shiranui Gun Sweeper / Gun Interceptor

The Type-94 Shiranui was the second figure produced by Volks and is a good looking if rather lackluster toy.

King Kong The 8th Wonder of the World Video Review: King Kong The 8th Wonder of the World

Bandai breaks the Godzilla streak by releasing a stateside monster.

Reideen Video Review: Reideen

I’m not the sort of guy who usually goes for Super Deformed stuff, but I always make an exception for Reideen.

DX Jet Scrander Set Video Review: DX Jet Scrander Set

The DX Jet Scrander Set for the DX Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z is a must-have if you already have the Mazinger.

MiG-29 Lastochka Video Review: MiG-29 Lastochka

The MiG-29 Lastochka captures all the majesty of a giant robot that is covered in chainsaws.

F-14 Laser Fighter Video Review: F-14 Laser Fighter

An ear splitting masterpiece from Tai Fong toys.

MMPR Red Ranger Video Review: Red Ranger (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)


Robotic Aeroplane Video Review: Robotic Aeroplane

This walking monstrosity is a curious toy that actually shares parts with the venerable Takatoku VF-1 Valkyrie.

Bass & Treble Video Review: Bass & Treble

Two of the diabolical Dr. Wily's most fearsome robots have come to the D-Arts line.

Hot Toys The Avengers Iron Man Mk VII Video Review: Iron Man Mk VII

After more than a year of waiting, Hot Toys' Iron Man Mk VII from Marvel's The Avengers arrives!

Muv Luv Berkut Video Review: Su-47E Berkut

The Su-47E Berkut is one of the final figures released in the A3 line and is both a beautiful and foreboding toy.