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Kwazii's Octo Max Suit Video Review: Kwazii's Octo Max Suit

Kwazii's Octo Max Suit is like taking a happy...

DX Diesel Ressha Video Review: DX Diesel Ressha

We can finally form the Diesel-Oh!.. The Cho ToQ-Oh too, I guess...

DX Tank Ressha Video Review: DX Tank Ressha

My favorite train in the line so far!

Tobot Quatran Video Review: Tobot Quatran

As I become disillusioned with modern Transformers designs I tend to look to other sources for my transforming toy needs. One relatively untapped market is Korea.

DX Car Carrier Ressha Video Review: DX Car Carrier Ressha

Because Train Rangers need cars too.

Mazinger Z Video Review: Mazinger Z

A unique take on the Mazinger Z design, approved by Go Nagai himself!

Yamato 2199 Video Review: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

Bandai has released three Soul of Chogokin quality Yamatos (Yamatoes?, Yamatii?) And in my opinion, this is the best of the three.

DX Gokai Spear Gokaiger Video Review: Gokai Spear


U-Combine Shogun Combatra Deluxe Set Video Review: U-Combine Shogun Combatra Deluxe Set

"5 die-cast metal vehicles!
Working parts with every 1
Combine 'em to make a robot one foot tall!"

Getter Poseidon Video Review: Getter Poseidon

It seems as if Fewture was saving the best for last.

s.h. Figuarts Black Ranger MMPR Video Review: Black Ranger (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Once you go black, you never go back.

Gokai Machine Set 04 - FuraiMaru Video Review: Gokai Machine Set 04 - FuraiMaru

Nin nin nin nin!

Jason and the Argonauts Skeleton Army Video Review: Jason and the Argonauts Skeleton Army

Do you want a Ray Harryhausen action figure or just a super detailed skeleton? Either way, Kaiyodo's got you covered.

MEGA Bloks Ultimate Legendary Megazord Power Rangers Super Megaforce Video Review: Ultimate Legendary Megazord

Is this a Super Mega Win? I ask my nephew to find out!

DX ToQ-Oh Video Review: DX ToQ-Oh


Optimus EX Prime Video Review: Optimus EX Prime

It's a Dragon, It's a Train... It's Optimus EX Prime!

Monstermatic Video Review: Monstermatic for iOS and 3D Printed Figures

Monstermatic is a new app for iOS that allows you to design, interact with, and 3D print a fun monster!

Legendary Megazord Power Rangers Super Megaforce Video Review: Legendary Megazord


Optimus Prime Video Review: Optimus Prime

Officially licensed and sanctioned by Hasbro, the MN-001 Optimus Prime is an ambitious and remarkable toy.

Getter Dragon Video Review: Getter Dragon

Fewture ups their game with the new EX Gokin Getter Dragun.

Gipsy Danger Video Review: Gipsy Danger (18 inch)

NECA redeems themselves in a big way with the 18-inch Gipsy Danger.

Biollante Video Review: Biollante

What do you get when you mix giant monsters and gardening?

Type-94 Shiranui Joint Strike Package Video Review: Type-94 Shiranui Joint Strike Package

A little double dipping by Volks has turned into a triple threat.

ThreeA Real Steel Noisy Boy Video Review: ThreeA Real Steel Noisy Boy

ThreeA gives us an early look at their next Real Steel release, Noisy Boy!

Ripley Video Review: Ripley

Ellen Ripley is the Warrant Officer of the Nostromo, and one of the biggest bad-asses in movie history.