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Video Review: Engine Gattai Series #9- Engine Jumbwhale

Like most of the other Engines, this one looks best when not combined in any way, though I think the Jet Mode is a little awkward even if a good idea, and throws that off a little. It’s a very reasonable design and is one of my favorites from the...

Video Review: Rei

A most beautiful figure. Graceful like a swan on a lake.

Video review included.

Video Review: Retrofire High Octane Megazord

Compared to the larger [Deluxe] High Octane Megazord, this one makes-up for some of its faults and it benefits greatly from the Retrofire style by slimming it down and making it look...

Video Review: Retrofire Wild Force Megazord

So, this set is a mixed bag of tricks- I like the overall anime-style of the figure and line details, but some of the poseability is confusing & annoying.

Video review included!

Video Review: Retrofire Mighty Morphin' Megazord

Aside from the oddly-chosen way the arms behave compared to each other, the minor limits with the skirt armor, and the rather-noticeable lack of paint on the back & arms, this set is definitely something you want to collect.

Video Review: GFF Metal Composite MSZ-006A1/C1[Bst] Z Plus

This is quite possibly the best Zeta Plus toy yet.

Video Review: Skywarp

Back in black.

Video Review: Taurus Aldebaran

Hands down, the biggest of the Saint Cloth Myth releases and possibly the heaviest release to date. I take a look at an earlier Saint Cloth Myth release, Taurus Aldebaran. Includes HD VIDEO.

Video Review: High Octane Megazord

The 2008 conversions were very successful, in my opinion, but this [2009] set is not. It was cheaply designed & built for a good reason, but I would easily have spent another $10 to bump the quality up a little.


Video Review: Origin of Valkyrie VF-1A Super Valkyrie (Maximilian Jenius ver.)

While it would have been nice to see Max's movie-ver. VF-1S come out in 1/55 scale, this one is equally appreciated, and hearkens (if in appearance only) back to his VF-1A from the series which was white with blue trim (which also has not been make...

Video Review: Origin of Valkyrie VF-1A Super Valkyrie (Hikaru Ichijyo ver.)

This set is still great despite my biggest complaint being the trivial-only odd coloring of the Super FAST Pack.

Video review included!

Video Review: YF-21 Valkyrie

As a whole, the YF-21 is a pretty good toy, but what would a review of a Macross toy be without nitpicking and bitching about tiny things?

Video review in HD

Video Review: Origin of Valkyrie VF-1S Valkyrie (Roy Focker Special)

Both from a nostalgic and modern-collector’s perspective, I highly recommend getting this set- it is sure to please!

Video review included!

Video Review: VR-052F Scott Bernard Cyclone Ride Armor

Robotech to the rescue! in more ways than one. Like rescuing your wallet! We are going to have to name George Sohn the "Home Run Kid" if this keeps up.

Video Review: VF-1S Super Valkyrie (Roy Focker Special)

Voted as's 2009 Best Vintage Toy of the Year!

Even though 19 years have passed since its initial release, this set remains a solid example of...

Video Review: DX Engine Gattai Engine DaiShōgun

This set is a repaint of the lead combining robo DX Engine Gattai Engine-Oh. Most of what you see here is the same between the two sets, except for coloring and a few new molds. It is the...

Video Review: Voltes V Respect for Volt in Box

The funk of old-school design with the sharpness of modern engineering - its the best of both worlds.

Review with HD video

Video Review: The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

The last piece of my Sideshow 12" monster collection.

Video Review: Hypnos

I really dig the more ornate designs of the God Cloths of the Saint Seiya series. Not only do they look cool but when the God’s enter the Saint Seiya story big stuff is happening. So the characters are 1) dramatic and b) cool looking. So this time...

Video Review: Engine Gattai Series #8 - Engine Jettoras

Again, more because it is needed for later combos more than on its own merits, I recommend getting Engine Jettoras.

Video review included!

Video Review: Aries Sion

This time around I take a look at Aries Sion from the Saint Cloth Myth line from Bandai. BIG SPOILER WARNINGS.... You have been warned.

Video Review: VFB-9H Beta Fighter Rand Masterpiece Vol. 1

I can hardly contain myself. This is it.... This is the Beta that all fans of Robotech or Mospeada must have!

Video review included!

Video Review: Henshin Ninja Arashi

I was first exposed to Toei’s 1972 series Henshin Ninja Arashi in an old 1985 issue of Hobby Japan. For many years I thought Arashi was a chicken or rooster, almost like some sort of weird downtown Tokyo chicken joint mascot you would see standing on...

Video Review: VF-1J Valkyrie with SUPER parts (Hikaru Ichijo TV type)

There is no shortage of paint schemes for Yamato to do in their newer line of 1/60 scale Macross Valkyrie collectibles but few would be more recognized than the classic VF-1J white with red strips Hikaru Ichijo style.

Video Review: Clean N Go M-O

Going into it, I knew that the scrubbing feature would be nothing significant, so I wasn’t let down that way; my expectations were already quite low.

Video review included!