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Rio de Janeiro


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Ok, so I'm still a starter, but these are my guys, starting from the first one acquired:
VF-0S 1/60 - Macross Zero;
GN-X HG 1/144 - Gundam 00;
Exia NG 1/100 - Gundam 00;
VF-1S Revoltech - Macross DYRL;
Strike + Aile Striker and Skygrasper PG 1/60 - Gundam Seed;
Patlabor Unit 1 Revoltech - Patlabor Movie;
Patlabor Unit 2 Revoltech - Patlabor Movie;
Dynames NG 1/100 - Gundam 00
RX-178 MKII MG 1/100 - Zeta Gundam
Groizer-X GN-U - Groizer-X Manga Ver.

VF-1A 1/60 Hikaru with Super and Strike Parts &
MSN-06S Sinanju MG 1/100 - Unicorn Gundam

What is your all time favorite toy?
Ha! good question. Can I stuff 'em all in a box real quick, before the house comes down, mr. fireman?!


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