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With the super robot craze hitting my country in the late 70's, my childhood was inundated with a plethora of Japanese robot toys. Unfortunately, most if not all were out of reach from a financial standpoint. The best I got was a bootleg plastic KO Voltes 5 (which I sadly lost) and my much appreciated Danguard Ace Shogun Warrior. Started collecting Super Robot related stuff around 1999 (primarily because of GX-01 Mazinger Z and its amazing attention to detail) and then decided to focus my collecting attempts to the Soul of Chogokin and Super Robot Chogokin line. A few exceptions would be a few Gundams, Masterpiece Transformers and my current fad, World Smallest Transformers both Takara and KOs. Collecting these pieces brings back the child in my heart and the innocent good memories that come with it.

What is your all time favorite toy?
Voltes V Godaikin (which I still don't have)


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