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I am an SIC freak. I collect almost all volume of SIC and never get tired of it. Maybe it is because I love BANDAI's toys a lot especially the Masked Rider or some might call it Kamen Rider and also the Gundam series. I love these Japanese insect look heroes since my childhood time and I always wanted to have their toys. Back there, when I was kid, it is kind of difficult for me to get their toys because of my limited pocket money and also a strict dad that almost every time forbid me to buy toys. SIC just happen to satisfy my need of these riders. As for Gundam series, my collection basically covers the Gundam Fix Figuration series. I hope all of you enjoy my collection and please do not mind of my limited cameraman skills (I am still learning to use it though =P).

What is your all time favorite toy?
Masked Riders


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