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Well, that may have all started with this cold and stupid robot re-creating some synthetic whisky for a vintage space marine featured in "Forbidden Planet" (1956). Or with this French popular cartoon called "Goldorak" ("Goldrake" or Mazinger family member if you prefer). Or maybe with those wonders from Tomy : even if I never saw a single episode of the series, Zoids were my very first collected robots, unbelievable by the way they were created (did you ever saw a mechanical bird walking and flapping wing and etc... with a single motor ? Tomy's engineers are from NASA !!!).
In the 90's, I forgot my collection (was about 150-200 pieces) and there were lost. And inviting those long haired cutties at home avoiding speaking of the reasons of all those toys was making things easyer ;).
Around 2004, my life broke up - no details needed. Just loosing all you count on can happen, even friends. So I found myself isolated and stupid as when I left school, looong years ago O°~/. But after months, I also found old boxes left at my ma's home, and what wonders : there was still about 80 robots from previous years, some with lost parts, some like mint.
And as you see, the flame of passion suddenly revived and without dumb'bitch to fill with explanations all day long, I felt the need to hunt new mechanical companions.

There are two things fascinating in the robot-toys world :
1 - THE DESIGN : from early 50's to recent products, all these creations were the view and feelings of a generation. Cold geometrically shaped companions from the 50-60's. First electrical moving robots from the 60-70's. Plastic injected psyche designs from the 70's. Mechanical and transformation performances of those from 80's and after. Robots are getting old as us and can be aged by their look.
2 - THE TECHNOLOGY : if lighting a mini-bulb lamp was a challenge in the fifties, today still see some uncommon creations from various geniuses from Bandai, Fewture, etc... even if I'm still amazed like a child discovering technological tricks used to re-create articulations, embedings, etc, I must admit my best respects goes to those giving complex animations to a robot moved by a single wind-up motor. From nothing, something's coming to life.

So you know me a little more now, but those you should learn about are those unknown geniuses creating wonderful objects that looks like toys but are farther more than this...

NOTA : I'm a robot doctor - I repair and customize those we can't normally save after a bad treatment. If you're interested...

What is your all time favorite toy?
Is changing with mood and moment of the year... but 1958 Smoking Robot could be the one.

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