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About Me : is a website made with the objective of helping businessmen achieve what they aim for their website to acquire in the web. As SEO expert and the man behind the generous sharing of information at alseoblog, Al Gomez who at the same time the founder of Dlinkers SEO company is happy to share what he discovers from his research and experiments in the field of search engine optimization. More about Al at

One of the recent topics discussed in the website is the effect of the site's speed in the ranking in Google. Al Gomez clearly discussed that the site's speed is a big disadvantage for the website's ranking. As a user, you would like to read the information or the content immediately. Hence if the website takes time to load or to response to your request, you will probably leave the page and find other resource so it would definitely bring negative effect to the website's ranking. So this article is telling website owners that maintaining their website with quality content is not enough rather they would make sure that the site's speed is fast for users not to close the page, View more.


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