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This is my budding Macross collection.
In Australia as a kid in the 80's I would set the VCR everyday before I went to school to record all the episodes I could. No one else I know had or has ever heard of Robotech the cartoon ans I had no idea there was Macross toys let alone models to be made.
I don't read comics so I kind of forgot about it for 30 years or so, then I decided to check it out again and get my hands on some DVD's of the old show and I came across some Macross models. So for a frenzied couple of weeks I searched out all the vintage models I could find. Ended up with an
IMAI Tactical Pod Regult Iron Type,
IMAI Gerwalk,
Bandai first release Queadluun rau,
Bandai 15th Anniversary VF-1S Battlroid,
Bandai 30th Anniversary Missile Phalanx
and probably my favorite the Tactical Pod Glaug.
Veratch's are a dime a dozen and still in production but all the Iron types and the Alien Mechs becoming extremely rare I'm glad I found them.
Hopefully I will be able to find a good Invid model or figure one day.

What is your all time favorite toy?
Explodable die cast Starwars speeder from the 80's



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