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LIDE Staff Housing,Isabel,Leyte


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I collect Bandai stuff coz it's cool...I started collecting Digimon toys(mostly transforming ones)but you know I'm not that good of keeping them,some get destroyed easily and some get lost.After being a fan of Digimon I started being a fan of Power Rangers too! They maybe a rip-off of Super Sentai but still cool. I only got a few DX Power Ranger Megazords(all US versions)which are Kongazord(Wild Force),Samurai Star Megazord(Ninja Storm),Delta Squad Megazord(SPD),and Omega Megazord(SPD).I don't actually call them a "collection" coz I don't have that kind of goal of getting lots of them.

What is your all time favorite toy?
Voltes V (never got one yet)


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