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I'm a kid of the 80s, grew up with the usual suspects of heman, transformers, thundercats and gijoe. I loved animation of all sorts. Since I was overseas and not in North America certain toys were harder to find, but I was also exposed to more shows that I guess were shown in the British or European market.

Toywise heman, thundercats and gijoe were my thing. Though I loved those shows I would also get exposed to great shows like Robotech ( Macross ), Spiral Zone, Galaxy Rangers and so forth.

I'm really into mech / robots and when I was younger one of my friends cousins had this toy from Hong Kong it was the Transformers Jetfire in a Macross like box setup with armor. I was so amazed at the clicky sounds and the decent amount of transforming and just the amount of detail in it.

Came to Canada when I was starting High School and was always reminiscing about how cool it would be to track down all my old childhood toys and thanks to ebay I did just that like i think most collectors did.
Also I was collecting comics at the time and Silver Snail also opened my eyes to a lot of older toys and japanese imports.

I think this hobby is not so much how many items you accumulate, but the joy and honesty of a time in your life when things werent as complicated as life now.

What is your all time favorite toy?
My current favorite toy would be my Yamato 1/48 VF1S


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