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Brave story...

Thanks for sharing that, man.


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Posted by Sanjeev on 5 December, 2007 - 16:40

...amazing post, beautiful.

i have a Rodan / Mother connection as well.

me and my mother get together every few years in the winter or fall for a double feature and watch two of her favorite movies: MIGHTY JOE YOUNG and RODAN, back to back. RODAN still scares her even after all these years, destroying the city with his flapping wings. The Shogun Rodan was one of the first toys she ever bought for me, i don't even remember it but she does, especially how i managed to break the wings off within weeks of it coming out of the box!

Since my grandmother passed on we've really kept up the Monster double-feature tradition much more, and it seems to get more precious, sad, and beautiful every time. it's often the only time we ever spend alone together.

cheers josh, and thanks for sharing this.

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Posted by The Big R on 5 December, 2007 - 21:28
Voyage Into Space

On my 19th birthday, my girlfriend at the time, and a couple of my friends took me to this film festival of cheesy trailers, shorts, and finally a feature length film, which turned out to be Voyage Into Space, the compilation movie of Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot, the American dub of the tokusatsu Giant Robo.

It was a really good time and a really good memory for me. One of those friends died a few months later and that movie is permanently associated with him in my mind, but it's a strong positive, and really, at this time in my life, nostalgic feeling.

A few months ago I bought a beat up Rodan VHS take like that for a dollar or two at a comic store, but when I got it home, I discovered the tape was broken and it didn't work.


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Posted by Destroy All Pod... on 6 December, 2007 - 04:02
This is all very strange.

My dad and I have always been very distant; the majority of my childhood memories weighed down and mucked up by the personal demons he couldn't purge. One thing stands out though is that he'd always bring me Godzilla movies and was instrumental in my fandom. When I was older we started working toward rebuilding our relationship, and one of the first things he did was bring me a newspaper clipping advertising that 'Gamera: Guardian of The Universe' was showing at a theater down the street. I had completely forgotten about this until now, but he asked me if I wanted to see it and I turned him down.

Until I read this review, I never once thought about any connection between my own Kaiju obsession and the way I've always chased after him. It's really resonated though, in a clear, pragmatic way that I wouldn't ever have expected.

Thanks for writing this, Josh.

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Posted by Jetjagaa on 12 March, 2008 - 06:22
A misplaced, but still great, retrospective

Good story, while not really a review so much as a retrospective. Not saying the article sucks, just saying it might be misplaced.

I am Godzilla, you are King Ghidorah after the aliens are dead. Get the picture?

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Posted by ZimMan2 on 9 July, 2008 - 09:38

Did you actually read the article, or did you only comment just to be a jerk?

Robot collectors aren't all made of 100% chogokin, they have real lives and feelings too. It's nice to see people open up about their lives, and how their collections sometimes reflect that; and it's sad to see people passive-aggressive-style knock them for it on the net.

Not saying your comment sucks, just saying it might be "misplaced."

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Posted by The Big R on 9 July, 2008 - 10:57
Rodan review

Hm. I didn't think he came off like a jerk to say that.

Anyway, I can see both sides. I do think it's possible to put too much personal stuff online and here, Josh probably goes right up to, but imho does not cross, that line. The other thing to consider is the toy itself. I mean, the pictures sort of speak for themselves with these kinds of toys, so it can be a very difficult task to write something that makes the review/article interesting. An anecdote, even one as personal as this, gives the text substance. I suppose saying something like how big the toy is would have added some more toy-specific data, but really, after what was already written, it just doesn't seem very important and probably would have seemed awkward.

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Posted by NekroDave on 9 July, 2008 - 18:34