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Mazinger-Z 1969


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EX Gokin Z

It certainly looks ferocious. I wonder how it compares with it's brother figure.

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Posted by ZA on 18 December, 2007 - 23:38

Okay, so in the parking lot of our local Uno's, we made the drop...but not before opening MZ. It was cold. Damn cold. Not a lot of feeling in the fingertips...

Josh and I just had to marvel at the beauty of this thing in person. Josh immediately noticed that the right arm was falling off at the slightest breeze (oh, and there was plenty more than "slight" breeze that afternoon!). Fortunately, he just as quickly realized that the magnet for the upper arm had simply broken off and was sticking to the magnet in the forearm.

Next, he handed it over to me to check out the weight and dig the crazy detents in the joints. I did so and was more than impressed with both. ...And that's where things went horribly wrong. I wanted to check out the Rust Hurricane or Tornado or whatever they're calling it these days. Now, to expose the...outlet...ya just have to push the (lower) jaw downwards. That's it.

So why in the hell did they bother articulating the upper jaw!?

In the cold of this particular afternoon in Boston, again, my fingers were kinda I simply tried to wedge the mouth open--gently--by working my fingernail between the upper and lower "teeth". Boy, were we surprised when the crown atop the head popped off from the pressure of the upper jaw pushing on it! Eh well. Live and learn...and get some super glue! ;)

Hey, at least I warned Josh about the lower leg paint chipping problem with the knees--I read earlier that day on TBDX about this problem and immediately noticed that you can protect the paint by forcing the upper knee joint to bend, despite its stronger detents.

TimF, don't worry: we'll be covering Great Mazinger, too...but that comes out next month!


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Posted by Sanjeev on 19 December, 2007 - 00:41
I'm sure that if I were a

I'm sure that if I were a Mazinger fan, this would be even more incredible that it seems now! Looks awesome, I like what I'm seeing here. Like you said in your video, Josh, 'a very expensive toy'. No kidding!

BTW, did somebody catch a cold when they made that video...? ;)
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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 18 December, 2007 - 23:58
Yup, I'm getting a good

Yup, I'm getting a good cold, just in time for the holidays!

CollectionDX Admin

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Posted by JoshB on 19 December, 2007 - 09:42
MAN that thing looks

MAN that thing looks remarkable!

Nice review Josh.

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Posted by REX-203 on 19 December, 2007 - 19:28