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Autobot Ironhide (Voyager-class Premium Series)


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I always enjoy your Transformers reviews; they are more thorough and detailed than anything I've read on my favorite Transformers review site. This one is absolutely no exception.

I have passed up numerous opportunities to pick up this figure, and after reading this I am pretty tempted to grab one before they disappear off the shelves. But, as closer friends of mine will come to know, as of late I have been focusing my funds a lot more on Evangelion merchandise than Transformers, so...we'll see if I can convince myself to drop my next spare $20 on this guy.

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Posted by Gareth Infinity on 4 August, 2008 - 08:19
You heard it- he said "Impressive"!

(*Josh looks on nervously, hoping he doesn't have to run for the smelling salts again*)

Wow. Thanks, man! I really do appreciate that.

As for Ironhide here, if you skipped him the first time, don't miss him again by letting this one slip by. The all-blue & -gray AllSpark Power repaint was a complete waste since this one is more accurate. And you better hurry- this was late even for me to get him because "...Animated" is now on the shelves.
It really is a good figure, but recommended for the older collector because of its relatively-complex transformation- things have to be just so or else it gets very frustrating very quickly; even more-so than a good share of Deluxe-class figures [I own]. Very much an air of the Alternators line here... Less-so in the legs, but I'm not kidding when I tell y'all that I still have to think to transform him, which I don't for all the others I have in the movie's line-up (save, perhaps, Leader-class Brawl). And this is a year later we're talkin' 'bout here!

Well... now that I have Premium Ironhide, I'm seriously considering selling the regular ver. (I need the space, and I need the cash.) I need to find a box, some stuffing materials, and check the weight of it all at the post office, but I still have the toy's box intact which would bring it closer to the original MSRP. Any initial takers, or suggestions for selling price?
CollectionDX Staff

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 4 August, 2008 - 12:52
Well actually

I didn't skip Ironhide the first time around; he was one of my first Movie line figures. That's part of what makes it tough to decide whether or not to buy this; how many repaints do I want filling up my home? I have paid more for repaints before but this one is just...different, somehow. It's one of those molds that I really like and kind of become annoyed with at the same time.

Part of its initial appeal was just how damn good it looks in vehicle mode; the arrival of the Movie line is what sparked my interest in collecting Transformers again for the first time in years, and seeing this thing on shelves was just delightful. The transformation is something I grew to appreciate in time; as it became less difficult, it became more unique and interesting. And the overall functionality (concerning articulation and ease of useful/cool posing) is something that can still irk me a bit if I'm not in the right mood.

However, you are right, I doubt I have much more time to grab this guy off the shelves. That being said...with the help of your review, I think I am pretty much swayed; if I ever see it in-store again, I am almost certainly going for it!

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Posted by Gareth Infinity on 4 August, 2008 - 13:13
Real quick while I have your

Real quick while I have your attention, Gareth Infinity, can you please e-mail me off of CDX? I wanna ask you something, but not on the site here. ;)
CollectionDX Staff

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 4 August, 2008 - 13:23
Oh, BTW, for the record,

Oh, BTW, for the record, this may be one of my last reviews for the movie's line-up. I have a Premium Jazz that I still need to cover, but unless I can convince myself that getting Premium Prime is a good idea, he'll be the last.
CollectionDX Staff

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 4 August, 2008 - 13:02
Premium Prime is a good idea

Take it from me, I dropped the dime on all three Optimus Primes from the movie (thanks in part to a stack of coupons), and I can say that the Premium Prime has some nice features that set it off from the first Prime. The sword for one, and the new head sculpt that matches the proportions of the body (In my Opinion) and the changes to the sound box to the original TF transformation noise was a nice touch too.

The Gundam Model Guy

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Posted by Gunpla Rob on 4 August, 2008 - 15:13
Premium Prime

There was a point at which I almost bought Premium Prime. But at this point, if I do it'll be the Takara "Battle Mode" version, with the chrome and whatnot. If I can ever find it at a good price again, that is...

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Posted by Gareth Infinity on 4 August, 2008 - 15:15
Yeah, I see what you mean!

Yeah, I see what you mean! That would be cool! Unfortunately, HobbyLink Japan just discontinued them... grr.

My biggest problem with the Leader-class OP, though, is those huge wheels on his legs. They must get in the way of posing quite badly. They solved the problem I had of the missing sword with the Premium release, but those wheels... I know that his wheels are supposed to be there like they are in the movie, but I can't really seem to swallow how bulky and highly kibble-ish they are!
CollectionDX Staff

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 4 August, 2008 - 16:33
Handheld weapons

You're mostly right about the lack of handheld weapons, but there is an exception in the first movie. Optimus' ion blaster was handheld - he's seen drawing it even (apparently from somewhere in his back, considering his fuel tanks are the wrong color to become his guns).

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Posted by ZeldaTheSwordsman on 20 August, 2015 - 01:44