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I had no idea these existed. I really like the aesthetic. Thanks for the review!

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Posted by BVJ_Fan on 16 February, 2016 - 20:57
Interesting figures. I hope

Interesting figures. I hope they do well with their unintended audience of middle aged male collectors... Because I fear they are in for some rude awakenings with regard to their intended core audience. Short answer, there is a reason that you don't see much in the way of fully plastic sculpted action figures targeted at girls on store shelves.

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Posted by faelon on 17 February, 2016 - 19:28
I think these are terrific

I think these are terrific figures. Been giving them out as Xmas gifts to my friends who have little girls. Most recently the 6 inch Courage action figure was released and it's really well done!

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Posted by Harvey on 20 February, 2016 - 22:43