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DX Great Mazinger


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But the important question

But the important question is, will we get a DX SOC Robot Jr.?

I kid.

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Posted by VZMK2 on 28 February, 2016 - 22:53
Nuh uh, DX SOC Boss Borot or

Nuh uh, DX SOC Boss Borot or bust!

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Posted by Tetsuryu on 29 February, 2016 - 00:10
DX Mazinger Z R?

Given Bandai's tendency to release Renewal versions, I wonder if they'll revisit Mazinger Z with the engineering improvements of this guy.

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Posted by magicsp00n on 29 February, 2016 - 09:27
One nitpick

Nice review, I'd love to get one of these but I'm certain that it's too rich for my blood. Anyhow, I have one minor nitpick/correction in your review, the balls on the end of the swords are called pommels. Nice review otherwise.

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Posted by Riceball on 29 February, 2016 - 14:18
Haven't received mine yet, but...

...there are at least 3 major turnoffs out of the box for me on this beauty.

1 - Head sculpt. That's a fair bit off. I understand the need to fit it into the Maz Z Hangar but come on, that is not Great Mazinger's head!

2 - Brain Condor. That's a fat bird. Design should be way slicker and thinner, with a longer fin (Hangar, again!). Plus, I hate the solution they came up with with the foldable nose. The head, as a whole, is a mess design-wise.

3 - Scrander. Nice of you to include it, Bandai (with a significant markup on the retail price, anyway) but why, oh why isn't it displayable in cutaway mode? You Know, as the horribly huge(as in completely disproportionate) Mazinger Z one did?

Wuff. Call me an old grumpy fart, but I'd expect sheer perfection from Bandai on such an ambitious toy.

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Posted by zmaz on 2 March, 2016 - 05:10