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VF-25S Messiah Valkyrie Ozma Custom Renewal Version


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Thanks for the brilliant

Thanks for the brilliant review, it's nice to know they got it right this time around.

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Posted by north-exit on 25 January, 2012 - 17:38
Great review! Back in

Great review! Back in october, I wanted to pre-order this toy, but it was already sold-out everywhere. Luckily, I was still able to get the VF-25F when Amiami managed to restock some units (and sold'em with an incredile discount of 20 yen).

About the toy, I love it. It's beautiful, well done and articulated, and seems good in almost any pose. Mine is currently in Gerwalk mode, and I often take it from the stand to "feel" and appreciate it.

Thanks for the review!

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Posted by LuizSSB on 25 January, 2012 - 17:55
Great review for a great toy.

I've always loved the look of the vf-25 Valkyries and even tried to convince myself that the first run was good enough. Bandai pulled a complete 360 with these latest releases and made a toy that I can enjoy unconditionally. Everything that I had gripes about in the first line has been addressed wonderfully.

I’ve been lucky enough to get the yf-29 and both the vf-25f & vf-25s renewals. I usually play with my new Valkyries for a couple days then display them on my shelves. All 3 have yet to make it to the shelves; they’re just great to have out.

If you have a chance to get one for a decent price, don’t hesitate. After barely getting the yf-29 I learned my lesson for when the vf-25 renewals released.

Now if Bandai would just announce a vf-25g renewal with a sniper rifle that can be attached with gear down in fighter mode, and stop selling Super and Armor parts as “web exclusives”; I’d be a happy man.

Side note on the review: Once you angle out the crouch piece in Battroid mode, you also get a twisting waist joint. It gives the toy even more possibility in Battroid mode. Looks like you covered all the other improvements and upgrades.

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Posted by Sabastian on 25 January, 2012 - 21:20
That waist joint is terrible

That waist joint is terrible and stupid and I hate it.

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Posted by VF5SS on 25 January, 2012 - 21:54
Some comments could have the

Some comments could have the same thing said about them.

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Posted by Sabastian on 26 January, 2012 - 18:50
So when's the green one

So when's the green one coming out

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Posted by Dkun on 25 January, 2012 - 21:56
I know of a good website that

I know of a good website that posts news when it comes out.

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Posted by VF5SS on 25 January, 2012 - 22:23

It's so sleek, I've never had much of an appreciation for the VF-25 until these Muligans.

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Posted by Rob on 25 January, 2012 - 22:52
Perfect renewal of the first issue flaws...

I really like the anime when it first aired. For me, this macross mecha is a nice regeneration of the old macross series. VF-1, based on F-14 tomcat is now regenerated to VF-25 (Su-27 Sukhoi lookalike with a sweep wing?..the nose, fuselage remind of Su-27 :p)..Hikaru is now Alto and Roy Focker is now Ozma.
However I restrained myself to buy the first release DX after I read so may reviews. The absence of A-Stance in Gerwalk and hands swapping when transforming, were the visible downside for me. Disappointing. It seemed Bandai is a decade behind Yamato with those first release.
It's just so glad now that Bandai finally release these renewals with all the faults are now corrected. I have the Alto Renewal and I see Ozma is just as satisfying as Alto. This is really how Bandai should make a VF-25 series.
I still curious though how the old power packs and tornado packs are compatible with these renewals...

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Posted by protimus prime on 27 January, 2012 - 03:43
I've tried the version 1.0

I've tried the version 1.0 super and armor packs on the renewals since earlier rumors said they would work. A few things fit, but the majority was so different at it would take a dremel and the liberal application of super glue to make it work.

Renewal Super packs are due to be released towards the end of April and Armor is due around July.

Tornado packs may be a different story if you're adventurous.
However it does take some alterations:
If you're going to spend the money on Tornado packs, you might as well wait until renewal ones are released.

No word yet on official renewal Tornado packs to my knowledge, but I'm sure a certain site will keep us up to date as soon as any announcements are made.

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Posted by Sabastian on 27 January, 2012 - 22:00
Anyone know if they're going

Anyone know if they're going to release an armored version of this guy (all in one box)? I saw the armor sold separately but it was almost $200. Yen must get weaker, please.

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Posted by Novacaine31 on 27 January, 2012 - 17:36
For those that missed out on

For those that missed out on the pre-order of the vf-25s, it looks like currently has some back in stock and ready to ship. May want to grab them while you can. 10,150.00 JPY = 133.212 USD

Also, they're taking a new pre-order for the next shipments of the elusive yf-29. 12,320.00 JPY = 161.674 USD

Not an advertisement for amiami, I just know these toys have been going quick and the secondary market markup has been ridiculous. Average price for a yf-29 on eBay has been around $600 for months and the vf-25s has been going for around $300.

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Posted by Sabastian on 2 February, 2012 - 20:32