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Giru Giru


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I'm not a Grendizer fan

I'm not a Grendizer fan (never seen it, don't really want to 'cause it's too old school for my tastes), but I like this thing! I would get it just for the saucer mode (I LoL'd at the detachable tripod legs), but the completed mode looks pretty awesome as well.

Nice review. I like how you point out this is a pre-production model and what the differences will be. Good photos as always.

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 27 October, 2011 - 17:33
Personally, I'm loving the

Personally, I'm loving the fact that there are so many new Grendizer products coming out as of recently. Any chance this is a sign of a new series in the works? almost all of Go Nagai's robots have had a new series or two, seems a bit unfair that they keep leaving Grendizer out.

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Posted by Mazinkaizer on 27 October, 2011 - 17:55

This looks great.

I 100% support and encourage the Grendizer love!

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Posted by The Big R on 27 October, 2011 - 17:59
can't wait!

Can't wait to get this one - I like the design of this enemy saucer robot! Would anyone know the release date? Also, is the prototype the "weathered" version as compared to the Manga/Anime version?


70's Super Robot Fan

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Posted by 70 SR FAN on 27 October, 2011 - 23:34
What a terrible time to be

What a terrible time to be broke! Grandizer is THE super robot that got me into the whole genre, so he holds a special place in my heart. I avoided the Metaltech since I already have the SOC, but I've wanted saucer animals for ages. Complained about it many a time to other fans.

Now we have a command saucer AND a saucer animal? Cripes. How much plasma would I have to sell to get the Metaltech Grendizer pack plus both baddies?.......

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Posted by japester on 28 October, 2011 - 00:39

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the greatest Grendizer and High Dream fan of them all?

I know the answer.

If it's a model from the Grendizer universe and made by HIGH DREAM, I'll buy it - DEFINITELY!!!!

HIGH DREAM is doing a great job with their METALTECH SERIES and I wish them luck from the bottom of my heart.

The only grumble about GIRU GIRU is that HL Pro had to change his anime-accurate set of teeth (seen on the resin prototype) to these anime-inaccurate needle-like teeth for safety reasons!

I find this decision simply unfair and illogical as this is not a toy but a model for serious collectors!

Looking forward to buy GIRU GIRU and waiting anxiously for the next METALTECH 03 - The Duke Fleed Buggy with a piloting Daisuke Umon!

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Posted by grendizer1975 on 28 October, 2011 - 08:41
I finally just got one of

I finally just got one of these today and in seeing this review now, I can't believe it's been out for 7 years already? Anyway, I love it but the mouth on my particular example just won't open up and I'm afraid I'll break it if I try too hard.

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Posted by NekroDave on 29 May, 2018 - 21:52