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Combat-San Tactical Suit Version

Combat-San Tactical Suit Version

Review by VF5SS

The world of Hoihoi-san is a strange one. In a Japan where bugs have become immune to pesticides, robotics experts answered the call with tiny technological terminators designed to hunt down and destroy insects. Thus, the Hoihoi-san was made combining the best of Japanese science and doll-making.

Kotobukiya continues their stride as Bandai's competition in the plastic model market. Kotobukiya has a very diverse catalog of kits making everything from Armored Core to Rockman. Hoihoi-san is probably one of their more unique lines as it aims to create full scale representations of the miniature machines.


Building Combat-san was an overall pleasant experience with everything coming together smoothly. I especially liked the intricate way the head came together with all of its interlocking hair pieces. The finished figure stands roughly five inches tall.


Combat-san is a reasonably articulated figure.


Combat-san comes with a hand-mounted chainsaw and several optional hands.


Also included is a combat knife.

Overall Combat-san is a very simple kit with little problems.

Posted 11 February, 2011 - 13:09 by VF5SS