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Azusa Nakano

Azusa Nakano

Review by VZMK2


K-On! is a great series from Kyoto Animation (Lucky Star, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) that started in 2009 with a 14 episode series, got a 26 episode second season in 2010, and will be getting a theatrical movie next year. Suffice to say, K-On in enormously popular and this year saw the release of Max Factory’s K-On Figma.


Figmas, of course, are highly articulated action figures based on popular series. Inside the box is a cardboard cover for the di.stage (not include as it comes with a regular hexagonal stand all Figma come with) that’s made to look like the school’s wooden floor.



Azusa Nakano is short, most serious, and a year younger than that of the rest of the group. She’s also an electric guitar player (and more component compared to Yui). Her figure has articulation in all major parts and can pull of almost any pose you can think of (though her long pigtails may get in the way of some poses). Unlike the previous Lucky Star Figma, the hands on the K-On Figma are easy to change as they’re just a regular long peg and not a ball jointed peg.




Like all the others, head changing is easy. Azusa comes with smiling face, an angry face (I love this one), and a blushing face. Also including is her signature cat ears headband. They’re able to fit on all the other K-On Figma too.




Putting the guitar (a Fender mustang) in and out of the included bag (a nice touch) and on Azusaherself is no problem. Putting her on the included stand is easy too. Each K-On Figma comes with regular shoes and indoor Japanese school shoes. To denote that she’s in a different class and grade than the other four, her uniform ribbon and indoor shoes are red instead of blue like the others.

The pigtails are articulated, but be careful not to be too rough with them or they will break.


The fifth member of the group is like the others, an excellent Figma. I recommend this and all the others just because they’re so full of character and are highly moe.

Posted 10 February, 2010 - 15:10 by VZMK2