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Dark Legioss


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Where's the Tread?!


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Posted by Destroy All Pod... on 13 October, 2008 - 17:29
Ahhh that Armo Diver mode

Ahhh that Armo Diver mode looks so cool!

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Posted by Mike on 13 October, 2008 - 18:26
I never noticed this on the

I never noticed this on the other Legiosses, but they totally have the same wings as an F-15. The nose section and the cockpit also have a very McDonell Douglas design feel to it. The LERX look pretty F/A-18 like as well.


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Posted by Destroy All Pod... on 13 October, 2008 - 20:12
Just out of curiosity

Hello, thanks a whole lot for the review. Even though I though it was well informed, I'm afraid that I have to pass on this one. You've visually persuaded me to buy the Yamato 1/48 VF-1A instead. I would've probably grabbed one if the retail price were as favorable as the Toynami and Ashioma versions.

Just out of curiosity, will you be doing a video review version of the Dark Legioss in the near future or will you do a recap of it on your next podcast?

Also, I've noticed that Votoms Scopedog you got placed between the Legioss and the Valkyrie. Just out of curiosity, could you tell us what kind of version and scale that VOTOMS Scopedog is, and does it come with a Chirico figure to put inside the robo-tank?

BTW, that was a cool review you guys did on the Garland in 'Episode 8' last year. I know it's been long overdue like so many things, so I thought I should tell you.


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Posted by Rodimus78 on 14 October, 2008 - 04:54
Thank you for your comments.

Thank you for your comments. This review isn't part of DAPDX. I was toying with the idea of doing an audio portion to the review as I do not have access to a quality camera for a video review. I do have a web camera on my laptop, but I haven't found any software for video recording. In answer to your question, the Scopedog is TakaraTomy's AG-08 Scopedog Turbo Custom which is oddly enough the cheapest release of that particular figure. It is also 1:48 scale and does come with a small unpainted Chirico figure to put in the cockpit. As far as the Yamato VF-1A goes, given that it is the same price as CM's Legioss, it is a much better value. Even Yamato's new 1:60 scale VF-1 is a better value as the full set comes with the FAST pack armor set for the same price as one Legioss. That being said, CM's Legioss is the only current Legioss toy that is built to last. I have heard nothing but trouble about the Aoshima/Toynami design.


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Posted by Destroy All Pod... on 14 October, 2008 - 08:11
That ship is very Expensive

I've seen this ship on sale at HLJ and right now is at 50% discount, but even at that price is still too much to pay for it. It would had to be made from at least 70% die cast to be worth getting it.

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Posted by mikespiegel on 29 March, 2010 - 17:02

You were right, I just picked one up on clearance from HLJ. Just like you, I had to disassemble mine to loosen that metal joint. I hated it at first, but must admit the thing is growing on me. Just out of curiosity, what is your oppinion on the toynami / aoshima version of the legioss? I know it get's a bad rap, but I love that toy. Either way, if you get a chance, could you do a review on one of those, i'd love to hear what you think about them.

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Posted by hal9000 on 11 July, 2010 - 02:52