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Hedorah (Green Eyes Version)


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"Can one have too many Hedorah?"...

Haha..I think I'm going on six right now...and that's AFTER selling/trading at least five to you, Nekrodave, and others! ;)

Seriously, Hedorah addiction is a common affliction in the vinyl kaiju realm. A LOT of us are recovering, but it hasn't been easy...especially with all of these recent, ridiculously tempting offerings from CCP, M1, Marmit, Atelier and the like.

"Toho needs to get its act together and bring this monster back. A lot of Godzilla fans say Godzilla VS Hedorah is the worst Goji flick but I can't get enough of it"...

Well, he did return in Final Wars, but in my opinion, the cameo was TRAGICALLY short. I liked his updated design...and, of course, subsequent toys of FW Hedorah are pretty cool.

As for the original film, I enjoyed it too...though I perhaps could have done without Godzilla flying! Otherwise, it definitely had a unique *funk* to it. And, PLEASE, the "worst" Goji flick? Clearly, these people've never seen Godzilla's Revenge. Ugh. You wanna see crap...see that movie. Ouch.


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Posted by Sanjeev on 26 November, 2007 - 17:04