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Boukenger combination - Kyuukyoku Gougou Gattai Ultimate DaiBouken


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Ultimate DaiBouken is so cool!

ultimate daibouken looks great...but i intend to get it after i complete my DX shinkenger mecha collection:DX Shinken-Oh,DX Kabuto Origami,DX Kajiki Origami,DX Tora Origami,DX Ika Origami,DX DaiKaiOh,DX DaiMogyu-Oh and DX Kyoryu Origami,which they can all combine together into Samurai Ha-Oh.(except kyoryu origami)........I alrdy have shinken-oh n ika origami........(intending to make the review if possible)

however,i juz tink tat ultimate daibouken looks a little chubby which affects my opinion on it..........but i will still get them no matter wat

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Posted by flamedranix on 22 September, 2009 - 08:32