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MSN-04 Sazabi


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I wouldn't mind. In fact, I can add this to my JP toys collection!


I'm with GaoGaiGar

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Posted by YuushaFan on 16 April, 2007 - 14:11
Well, it´s really a great

Well, it´s really a great figure! (And by the way, it would be my first gundan MSIA).

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Posted by zopilotez on 16 April, 2007 - 16:05
Sazabi is one of the best

Sazabi is one of the best MSIA designs ever made. If you really don't want the Sazabi (I still can't figure why), I gladly (and strongly) volunteer to take it off "your shelf"...


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Posted by The Mazinger Z on 16 April, 2007 - 17:19
"Entry" level poster


Well, you did it. You made me register, in the vain attempt to put a Sazabi next to my lonely Nu Gundam on the "Gundam Shelf". What a 30-something won't do for free toys...

That said, I've been coming to the site for months. I'm a big fan of the newer video reviews, my favorite being for Leopaldon, the SOC Spider-Man Mech (obligatory "WTF!" here). It's always a pleasure to see people actually playing with their toys. I harken back...

At any rate, I guess I'll be a bit more particapatory now I'm registered. I look forward to the Ideon review, though I kinda hope I receive mine before you tell us how good it is.

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Posted by Gigamach on 16 April, 2007 - 19:16
What the heck, sure. He can

What the heck, sure. He can battle it out with all my Kaiju figures.


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Posted by pocketmego on 17 April, 2007 - 00:13

Seems Gigamach and I are on the same boat.
I've been visiting since 2000 something, but registered only now. XD
Here's to hoping I get it. XD

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Posted by Frosty on 17 April, 2007 - 01:51


Using the random number generator at I entered the number of comments and asked for a random number. The result was 6 - you are the 6th comment.

I will contact you for your address, please make sure your email is valid!



CollectionDX Admin

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Posted by JoshB on 25 April, 2007 - 21:14

lot of great responses, thanks!

What I am going to do to determine who gets this is when i get back from SF this weekend I will put all names in a hat and pick a winner. I will notify the winner over email and announce it in the comments.

If this goes well i might do it more often, so stay tuned!


CollectionDX Admin

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Posted by JoshB on 17 April, 2007 - 02:43
"Wow.." is right...

Okay, cranky bastard here:

You asked "what's not to like". Well, how about the floppy, stinky, rubberyness of MSiA's? Just looking at your pics, the main crest is bent off to the side. Also, the thin, yellow beam saber is saggy.

To be fair, I don't have too much love for Gundam, like you, Josh. I do like the Sazabi, though. MSiA are booty, though. I actually bought two back in the day. They both now stink of chemicals and have a greasy film on them. Awesome gimmick. I let my idiot co-workers play with them now.

And the lines? The shapes? These things, in person, look like rubber chew toys for dogs. Sure, that's the CHARM of vinyl kaiju...but for "realistically"-sculpted mecha? Hell no. Gundam mecha are designed to have sharp, straight lines...that's why gunpla has been so prolific.

You want a Gundam action figure? Try the HCM-Pro line. Or just stick with MG kits...if you have the patience/time for modeling.


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Posted by Sanjeev on 17 April, 2007 - 11:07
Good points, sir. My MSiA's

Good points, sir. My MSiA's do smell, and they have a tendency to bend and stay bent in places that are far too obvious.

That said, they're toys, and I love letting my cousins play with my MSiA's as opposed to, say, my SOC's MSiA's are great action figures that are meant for the play, and they happen to look pretty sweet for a vinyl robot figure, too.

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Posted by Gigamach on 17 April, 2007 - 11:35
Re: "Wow.." is right...

I agree- I am less than thrilled with MSiA toys, and preffer something much larger and more solid. While I really like the Sazabi as a mobile suit, I wouldn't want the MSiA. (The exception to this is the lone MSiA XXXG-01H2 Gundam HeavyArms collecting a thick layer of dust on the shelf.)
I would, however, really like to get my hands on the Deluxe MSN-04 Sazabi that Bandai released a few years back! I already have the Deluxe RX-78GP01-Fb Gundam Zephyranthes and Deluxe RX-78GP02A Gundam Physalis, and they are pretty awesome even if a little stiff and limiting in the joints. I like my Deluxe GF13-017NJ Shining Gundam a bit more, even though it's lacking the under-the-armor feature that the others had. (That Deluxe XXXG-01W Wing Gundam, however, ugh...! I'm still trying to sell this thing off!) The Deluxe GF13-011NC Dragon Gundam, on the otherhand was pretty bad too compared to the Shining Gundam, and I returned it as soon as I opened it. (Again, looks cool on-screen, but not as a deluxe toy.)
Oh, and Josh? Don't throw my name in that hat, please...

These Deluxe Gundams, IMHO, are a perfect size for a truely interactive Gundam toy, and make for a kid-appropriate 1/60-scale equivalent of a model. I only wish they'd make more of them! (I would absolutely, without-question kill for an affordable super-poesable, 12"-tall ABS/PVC toy of one of the Evangelion Units! ^_^ )

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 17 April, 2007 - 22:15
Love Sazabi

I never picked up the Dragon Gundam but picked up the rest, and man was the Sazabi a pain to find. And while most of them have some issues (especially my F91 and Wing) I just love seeing those big ol' beasts staring down my EVAs.

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Posted by Shadow27 on 18 April, 2007 - 09:52

Oh, count me in.

And on a side note,
I really enjoy reading your reviews.

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Posted by Qwuff on 17 April, 2007 - 17:46

They may be floppy, but I don't really mind. XD

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Posted by Frosty on 18 April, 2007 - 21:31

Woah indeed.
Didn't think I'd win.
I'll get the address to you shortly.

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Posted by Frosty on 26 April, 2007 - 13:04
I love MSiA Gundams

Heheh, while I fully understand Sanjeev's dislike of them, I think they make great toys. After reading this a while back, I eventually found and bought one on eBay (though I think it might've been the color variant) along with Deathscythe.

Deathscythe was actually a replacement for the one my brother's friend gave to me when I was much younger, of which I had many fond memories. He was awesome, and still is! I even carried him around in my coat pocket at school one day, so much fun.

Sazabi is much bigger than I expected, in fact he towers over Deathscythe. Most of the accessories are pretty cool, though I share Sanjeev's complaint about the saggy saber. Otherwise he's a lot of fun as well.

The seller I got these guys from included a free Wing Gundam because it took almost two months to get me the other two. This one's fairly neat, but it's the first case of the awesome rubbery-ness really giving me some trouble. One of the wings doesn't like to stay in because the groove it fits into is too wide. But I'm working on it! Retraining the rubber with a clothes pin.

I have two more MSiA's on the way from HLJ. Stay tuned to hear me ramble uselessly! Lol

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Posted by Gareth Infinity on 9 November, 2008 - 01:12
Hmm I remember those.. shame

Hmm I remember those.. shame I never bought many of them.... has it been given away already...?

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