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Hmm, I guess I was like 4

Hmm, I guess I was like 4 years late to reply for this review. A few questions and points to raise here. Questions first:

1) How did you get only the Providus in the first place? I thought they did come in the whole set, at least mine was.

2) Did you get other accessories related to it?

Now comes to my points on this giant.

1) I don't actually know how much this giant costed in Yen but I know it's a hefty. The box is measured like at least longer than those 'Tamiya Race Car Tracks' back in the 90s but have an almost similar depth in the box.

2) If you wouldn't mind, I'd do a complete review of this giant later (if this comment is to be seen) but I'll start off with minor details of the set. I kinda got lucky at one time (I live in Malaysia) and don't normally get Sentai toys imported over, except those PR cheapskates that I began to despise after I got my Dual Drive Megazord (the one with the Gou Gou Jet). I remember getting it 6 years or so ago at the local Bandai agent store at a very low discounted price RM50 (approx US$18-19 at current rates). Cheap huh? I thought to myself too and at that time even though I know my mom forbids me in getting more toys, I had to beg her to buy me that, coz at age 18 you don't really have that much money yet. Ok back to the item. There were like 3 sets there alongside with the Machine Robo Rescue's Base selling there. I got one of them, got home and opened it.

3) The set includes the basic Providus DX robot, a long front rail, a round base, a foldable Time Gate that can be folded and stored at the back of Providus, 5 different rails for each of the Time Jets (if I remember correctly, they were separate) and a yellow transport thingy that appeared both in Time Force and TimeRanger Ep 1 but last but not least a small dome thingy that is used to show a command center.

4) I only opened my set twice, once to check what's inside and second to try and assemble the piece together to see if it does look like what it should. From the paperwork that I checked in my set, I have the fully Japanese Instruction Manual, a set of silver stickers for the Provider Base and a set of Stickers for Providus itself. This is my only Sentai toy that I never used any of the decals or played with more than twice. The reason is because if its sheer size and I simply got no room for this giant gizmo. You'll be amazed to see its length after completely assembled.

5) As usual to any DX Super Sentai toy lines, there are metal parts on some of the areas somehow, and the die cast are on Providus' shoulders and its visor. Providus fits on the base with nobs to have him fit nicely there, and of course posing him as seen in the show about to launch the Time Jets are fairly possible, with the exception of its legs that are completely stuck to each other and cannot be separated.

6) The whole set is huge and features 2 very cool functions that is replicated in the show. These functions are the Turn Table and the Launch functions (will be doing in depths review later here, if I have permission). These functions do not require batteries or whatever not to operate, as the box in front indicates a very large symbol with Kanji saying "No Batteries Required".

I wonder what is the value for this piece nowadays as I have everything still sealed in their baggies, except for the wire that is tied to Providus is taken off because I had to try its functions. Do reply me with the expected value of this set, just for knowledge and no, I am not ridding of it or somewhat ever. The boxes have some minor creases at the top corners and instead of polystyrene base, the base was brown cardboard box cards because of the sheer size of the box. Oh well, that's all for my preview of the Providus. Mine has gone through my local agent and has my local agent's seal. I wonder if any paperwork were taken out during that process as I don't think it is possible to find another of these floating around, especially it's almost a decade old.

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Posted by redracer2004 on 30 April, 2009 - 11:36
Another DX Providus review

Well, I can tell you that- and certainly no offense to Josh here- I would like to see a review of the completed DX Providus set. I think Josh got it second-hand, and that's why it was incomplete like this; if it had accessories, he would have covered them in the review.

  • A complete, mint-in-unopened-box DX Providus cost JPY 13,000 when it came out in 2000 (about USD $131.83 with April 2009 conversion rate)
  • Do cover it! Even though I'm the one who regularly covers DX-sized Super Sentai toys, I won't be able to find one anytime soon, and I wasn't all that hot for it anyways. (Someday,. I would like to get the DX TimeRobo and TimeShadow to replace the two broken Dlx Megazords I have now...)
  • Die-cast in DX sets disappeared after 2002, but in 2000 there was certainly some in both the DX TimeRobo and DX TimeShadow, so I'm not surprise that there was any in the Providus.
  • Having not seen "TimeRanger" (I don't really want to either), I think the round yellow vehicle is a time ship used by the four future rangers to follow the lead villains in the series debut; however it is destroyed when they get to the year 2000.
  • The set does look interesting, but the whole swinging arm-thing is kinda weird way of launching giant flying machines through time, wouldn't you say...?

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 30 April, 2009 - 15:15
Surely it does look weird

Surely it does look weird but I am still new with the site's interface so I don't think I know how to make a review here. By the way, mine is mint, but opened for inspection and trial run but all items returned to their original baggies with the exception of the hard plastic wire that binds the main body of Providus has been removed. Still in the box, I chucked it beside Providus so I can easily take out Providus for trial runs. For one, I don't really think this toy is safe for little kids. The box did say 3 and above, but I don't think it will do for at least 8. The spinning punch is somewhat very furious. The kid might get hurt or hurt someone if he puts the Providus (with extendable arm) near someone. Though, I would like to review this set (meaning I need to take them out again from the box) but I won't be applying the decals on, I want to keep their original paperwork intact just in case I'd get offers to trade for something I'd want more than this (like a combo of DX VRV Robo and DX Mega Voyager or some Megaranger Mecha DX sets). Oh, did you just say the guy was released at 13k Yen? My box's barcode ends with 5800, so I think the guy is 5800 Yen but beats me, maybe the price now must be tremendous. Oh yeah, have you seen the real Japanese one without going through agents before? I wonder if they took any paperwork from mine. Oh well, I'll see what I can do on the review. Hope I do a good one for a starter and btw, I got Tortoise Crusher DX and Tri-Condor DX to review as well soon.

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Posted by redracer2004 on 30 April, 2009 - 22:11
I knew getting that mook was a good idea...

I have the special-release Super Sentai Toy History mook (from Hobby Japan Magazine), and it has original-release prices of all DX toys- starting with the Battle Fever Robo in 1979 all the way to the Geki Touja & Geki Elephant [which were then-new in 2007 and is as far as the mook goes]. Merely comparing the appearance of the text (not by reading it, mind you, since I can't read Japanese) with the box covers on the front, I was able to determine the price of the DX Providus set. Though the mook is not in front of me as I type this now, the Providus was easily double the price(s) of the DX TimeRobo and TimeShadow separately, and considering how physically bigger it is, I would say the price I quoted is accurate... I think. ;)

. . .

As to the Karakuri Ball Set #01- Goat Hammer, if you want to cover that, I have no objection. I have almost all of the KB sets (yes, I will cover them someday!), but I intentionally skipped #01 just because I wasn't interested in it.

That being said, I am concerned that your coverage of the Tri-Condor may interfere with my review of the Tenrai-Senpuujin at a later time- using the Ninja Firebird from my Dlx. Samurai Star Lightning Megazord as a substitute. When I cover an accessory set, I usually write a follow-up review on just the larger/alternate combinations associated with that accessory.

As the primary resident Super Sentai & Power Rangers reviewer for CDX at this time, if you e-mail me, redracer2004, I'd be pleased to discuss this further with you off-site, so as to prevent future conflicts. =)
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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 1 May, 2009 - 00:25
TIME ROBO DX anyone??

actually i never watched timeranger nor the time force series, so i am not familiar with the mechas of this particular season, anyhow, i saw some pictues of their main mecha the TIME ROBO that does 3 modes, Gamma, Beta and Alpha formation (^^)
and i find it really cool, especially the Gamma one, since it reminds me of the Jetman's Phoenix(??) formation for the Jetman Icarus.

Well... i tried to search this site for the mecha that i mentioned... T_T
since i like the reviews here rather than from youtube

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Posted by sentaiblue on 14 May, 2011 - 06:16
I don't have a Time Robo

I don't have a Time Robo (though I would like to get one), but I do have a Dlx. Time Force Megazord. However, someone already covered that one and the Dlx. Time Shadow Megazord.

And, yes, a LOT of people noticed the similarity between Time Jet Gamma and the Icarus Haken.

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 14 May, 2011 - 10:41

If this guy's punch is hard enough to send zords flying through space & time, then imagine how effective it would be at killing monsters. I mean, look at the size of that fist! Lol

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Posted by Scarfang_The_Slayer on 22 August, 2018 - 17:22