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Daikyojin DX


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Awesome review...

...and great pics, JoshB!

I recently acquired this toy from a fellow collector and think I got a pretty good deal. Too bad it came out the very year SoC Grendizer did! I'm sure that toy stole a lot of the hype that this would've rightfully earned.

Hey, any chance we can see a shot of Daikyojin alongside CM's Gyakutenoh?? :)


Sanjeev's picture
Posted by Sanjeev on 9 November, 2007 - 18:50

That beauty looks amazing. Nice find.

I'm always a little saddened when a review comes out for an older/new Gokin. Y'know, something I could have purchased if I'd known? This looks great, especially the transforming bits.

Very cool.

"Hey, uh...let's volt in."

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Posted by Gigamach on 9 November, 2007 - 19:19