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Sacred Beast Legend Bioroid - Love Them 3!

Hi CollectionDX,

Nice review on Dusgator! He is my second favourite out of the Deltaforce.
He has a great design, pretty complex transformation, nice paint job, cool weapon accessories, and very cool shiny chrome stickers!
With your question who made them, you pretty explained it from my belief that they were made originally by toy company "MARK" who probably were going out of business not long after and then "HERO" came along to market the BIOROID line for them.
Only thing you must watch out for, for all these toys is you must take extra care when playing or transforming them because they are so fragile, brittle, low quality, and sometimes tight to the point you don't want to force anything too much which will result in breaking them!

Overall awesome toy and review!

Kind and best regards,

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Posted by RoboSynergy on 9 July, 2015 - 20:26

At a glance, he reminds me of Rattrap from Beast Wars. Wonder if the designer at Kenner ever saw this figure.

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Posted by Optimal III on 9 July, 2015 - 21:06
I noticed this guy has the

I noticed this guy has the same engineering as the T-rex from Dino-Squad.

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Posted by VF5SS on 12 July, 2015 - 09:09