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plus, it took two years for Matchbox to release these

That company really missed the boat, although I like the alien vehicles (specifically the Invid,) and you gotta love them for sticking to their die cast roots and releasing some really sweet Takatoku repaints stateside.

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Posted by Materialist Zen on 19 December, 2008 - 19:16


I just wished Matchbox released more Takatoku items here in the states. The super deformed valkyries, although were a solid toy, were huge let down which only left Jetfire as the only fullsize valkyrie available in the states.

Much agreed on the the Invid/Battle Pods/Spartas vehicles that were manufactured, They were some great and solid items that have held up over the years.

I should have my Sparta review up shortly.


Leonardo Flores
CollectionDX Staff Writer-West Coast Bureau

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Posted by Showapop on 25 December, 2008 - 13:11
As much as the toy itself doesn't look very good

As much as the toy itself doesn't look very good, she somehow manages to look kinda cute. Weird..

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Posted by mrtrainfreak12 on 24 March, 2013 - 17:08