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Transformers (2007 Movie)

Toys from the 2007 Dreamworks Transformers Movie

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No.sort icon Toy name Year
Optimus Prime 2007
Bumblebee 2007
Jazz 2007
Swindle 2007
Bumblebee 2007
Barricade 2007
Decepticon Brawl 2007
Bumblebee 2007
Skyblast 2007
Air Raid 2007
Strongarm 2007
Signal Flare 2007
Armorhide 2008
Battle Scenes- Capture of Bumblebee 2008
Battle Scenes - Desert Attack 2008
Battle Scenes - Final Stand 2008
Ironhide 2008
Jazz 2008
MA-02 (overseas designation) Ratchet 2007
MA-07 (overseas designation) Speed Dial 800 2007
MA-08 (overseas designation) Longview 2007
MA-09 (overseas designation) Autobot Ironhide 2007
MA-14 (overseas designation) Final Battle Jazz 2007
MA-17 (overseas designation) Night Beat 7 2007
MA-19 (overseas designation) Autobot Landmine 2007
MD-01 (overseas designation) Blackout 2007
MD-06 (overseas designation) Power Up VT6 2007
MD-10 (overseas designation) Wreckage 2007
MD-12 (overseas designation) Booster X10 2007
MD-16 (overseas designation) Meantime 2007
MD-17 (overseas designation) Payload 2007
MD-18 Dropkick 2007
MD-21 Wire Tap V20 2007
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