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Shin Seiki Gokin

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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Mazinkaiser (Black Wing) Gokin 2003
Arcadia TV Anime Version Arcadia TV Anime Version Gokin, Vehicle 2006
Neo Getter Black Version Anime Export Exclusive Gokin 2007
T-800 Endoskeleton T-800 Endoskeleton Character Toy, Gokin 2003
Shin Getter 2 (Anime-Export Weathered Version) Gokin 2008
Thunderbird 2 DX (weathering version) Gokin, Vehicle 2003
Getter 1 Damaged (Anime Export Ver.) Gokin 2007
Getter 1 with Full Mantle Getter 1 with Full Mantle Gokin 2007
Arcadia TV Black Version Arcadia TV Black Version Gokin, Vehicle 2007
New Getter Robo Renewal (Black Version) New Getter Robo Renewal (Black Version) Gokin 2008
New Getter Robo New Getter Robo Renewal (weathered version) Gokin 2008
Zero-X (Thunderbird Version) Zero-X (Thunderbird Version) Gokin, Vehicle 2009
TB 2 (Normal Version) TB 2 (Normal Version) Vehicle 2004
Neo Getter 1 (Test and Training Machine) Neo Getter 1 (Test and Training Machine) Gokin 2001
Shin Getter 1 SG-01 Gokin 2000
Neo Getter 1 SG-03 Gokin 2001
Ankoku Daishogun SG-11 Action Figure, Gokin 2005
Black Getter (Normal Version) SG-12 Gokin 2006
Shin Getter 2 Shin Getter 2 SG-19 Gokin 2007
Shin Getter 1 (W-Wings Version) Shin Getter 1 (W-Wings Version) SG-20 Gokin 2008
AirWolf (Normal Version) AirWolf (Normal Version) SGM-08 Vehicle
Type 66 Maser Cannon SGM-22 Tokusatsu, Vehicle 2007
Arcadia (Renewal Version) Arcadia (Renewal Version) SGM-24 Gokin, Vehicle 2004
Gotengo (aka Atragon) SGM-26 Gokin, Tokusatsu, Vehicle 2008
Nautilus: Metallic version Nautilus: Metallic version SGM-28 Gokin 2010
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