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No.sort icon Toy name Year
Gotengo 2004
Mazinger Z GT 1974
PA-14 Zero Tester 02 1974
PA-17 Raijin Go 1999
PA-44 Dragon 1975
PA-45 Liger 1975
PA-46 Poseidon 1975
PA-54 Variburun 1975
PA-57 Bluegar 1975
PA-60 TFO PA-60 1975
PA-73 Kageboshi 1976
PA-86 Nessar 1975
PA-92 Big Garry 1976
PA-99 Magicar 1977
PB-03 Gard Machine 1977
PB-04 - PB-08 Voltes V 1977
PB-10 Shigcon Tank 1978
PB-46 Starcrow 1978
PB-49 Queen Cosmos 1978
PC-19 Sand Vulcan 1981
PC-37 Dyjupiter 1983
PC-42 Hyotan Bike 1983
PC-51 Shuttlebase 1985
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