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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Acrodita Microman 2004
Reissue Microman Rescue Team 25X Set B Reissue Microman Rescue Team 25X Set B Action Figure 1999
Kero-charger Micro-Zenmine: 034 Kero-charger 034 Transforming Toy 1999
Robotman Dean Robotman Dean 053 Action Figure, Building Toy, Microman 1999
Acromuzan Acromuzan AX-42 Action Figure 2006
Xeku with MachineMirror BM-01 Action Figure 2004
Spy Magician Hudson (Reissue) Spy Magician Hudson (Reissue) M142 Action Figure 1999
Cyborg Superman Cyborg Superman MA-37 Action Figure
Microman Batman and Batgirl Microman Batman and Batgirl MA-SP01 Action Figure 2004
Lucchetto Robot Lucchetto Robot MC18 Robot Toy, Transforming Toy 1984
Magneacroyear Phobos MGA-01 2005
Ninjalady Shina ML2-02 Action Figure 2004
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