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Kamen Rider

A 1990 Bandai Toy line featuring window boxed soft vinyl renditions of Kamen Rider characters.

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Name No.sort icon Type Year
DX DenLiner Gouka Vehicle 2007
Magnugiga and Drew Magnugiga and Drew Action Figure, Character Toy, Tokusatsu 2009
Henshin belt DX Decadriver Henshin belt DX Decadriver Role-Playing, Tokusatsu 2009
Majuuken Garulu Saber Majuuken Garulu Saber Role-Playing, Weapon 2008
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Action Figure, Character Toy, Tokusatsu 2009
Kivat III Kivat III Character Toy, Figure, Role-Playing, Tokusatsu 2008
Masked Rider X Masked Rider X Action Figure 2013
Masked Rider V3 Masked Rider V3 Action Figure 2012
DX Hiden Zero-One Driver DX Hiden Zero-One Driver Cosplay, Prop, Role-Playing, Tokusatsu 2019
Kamen Rider Torque Kamen Rider Torque 33904 Action Figure, Tokusatsu 2009
Kamen Rider Blank Knight with Advent Cycle Kamen Rider Blank Knight with Advent Cycle 33951 Vehicle 2009
Kamen Rider Amazon 8 Tokusatsu 1990
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